Another year

Monday, January 7, 2008

It is so hard to believe that another year has vanished and a new has been thrashed upon us whether we are prepared or not.

I myself am not quite ready to give up on 2007. It was a memorable one with the beautiful wedding of daughter number two, the birth of granddaughter number five and my husband making a career change; giving him the opportunity to spend more time with the family.

Not to say that the year did not give us a few hardships with the death of my nephew and the drama which accompanies the tragedy and I guess everyday life. My hope is that along with a new year comes healing for all that grieve and perhaps a new beginning.

We ended the year with the gathering of the munchkins, which by the way was quite entertaining and tiring. I am finding that I am not as young as I had once thought and that these four little tikes can wear this old lady to the point of total exhaustion! Not sure if we will be making this a yearly tradition or not...I will let you know once I get caught up on my sleep. By the way, they did not make it to ring in the new year; I did - sort of.

With the beginning of each year, there are those that make those New Years resolutions which for the most part are forgotten the following week, or day, depending on how much partying one had done the night that they were made! I myself try not to partake in such rituals because I am one that is not disciplined enough to carry through with them. But if I were:

* I would resolve to lose about 15 unwanted pounds...but does anyone really want those pounds that put us over our weight goal?

* I would resolve to have a bit more patience and forgiveness for those who consider it appropriate to scorn and purposely hurt others...even though it is not appropriate and one should think before they speak untruths and use spiteful accusations to make themselves look as though they have been victimized.

* I would resolve to clean out my closets. Oh wait I have already cleaned out two...so I actually have a resolution and have attempted to fulfill it! Yippee!

* I would resolve to strengthen relationships with my family and friends. That thought is basically a given, because I find no more joy in life then to spend quality time with my spouse, our children, grandchildren, parents, relatives and friends.

Remember not to make promises that you can not keep, keep life as simple as you can...that way there won't be as many disappointments, make time for you and just remember when you give a smile, for the most part one will be returned. Here's hoping that you and yours are blessed throughout this New Year!

* Trudy Schroeder is a Pilot-Tribune alum who contributes a weekly column on family living.