Jones' Outlook

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I use to love running out to the theatres and catching the latest and greatest of the silver screen action. From a kid wanting to see the greatest cartoon that Disney was releasing to an adult... well, I guess still wanting to catch the next cartoon that Disney is releasing.

However I must be getting older because I can't stand going to the theater that much any more. I still want to see the movies, but I wait until DVD which is getting to be a faster and faster turnaround.

They are practically beating the movie to the theater.

One of the biggest problems I have is too many previews. Sure, people like to know what movies are coming out, but come on, do we want to watch a "teaser" trail for a movie that isn't coming out 'til the Summer of 2010? Is the story even written yet, or did they just come up with a title and this ad?

I timed one of the last movies I saw and there was, seriously, 25 minutes of previews before it started. That is going overboard. Some of the previews seem almost as long as the feature film they promote. Sadly in comedies it feels like all the good lines are used in the previews anyways.

The next signal that I guess I must be getting too old is that the movies seem so loud. I check my ears to make sure that they aren't bleeding when the scene is over. I use to laugh at the skits of people getting blown out of their seats in the audience as the movies start up, but that isn't far from the truth any more.

Can't the theatres turn do the volume? I seriously don't know why it has to be so loud. I understand getting all the sounds in but if I keep going to the movies I won't be able to hear anything. I can see it now, those warning labels placed on the theater doors.

"Warning: Going inside can possible cause temporary or permanent hearing loss, enter at your own risk."

The other problem isn't something that can be handled by the theatres or Hollywood for that matter - and that is little kids in movies that are not appropriate for them, or at very late-night hours that they shouldn't even be up. What are the parents thinking?

I will admit that I may have snuck into an R-rated movie a little before my time as a teenager. But when I went to see "300" in Spencer there was were kids that couldn't be older than 10 in all the seats in front of me. I understand that guardians have to be with them to get in but I still think there should be stricter rules about who can see what films.

The other problem is that I like to go to the later movies, sometimes to due to other commitments but most of the time it is for a quieter theatre.

Last summer, I went and caught a film geared towards children - something I still enjoy if the story is good - this movie wouldn't have been over until nearly midnight, but was filled with 5 and 6-year olds. Sure, its their kind of film but still isn't that a little late for kids to be out?

Wow, am I feeling old, because they play everything too loud, the young whippersnappers are annoying me and the previews are too goshdarned long. Will I still go movies? Yeah. But if someone from Hollywood is reading this, how about a silent film?

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