Glawe's Outlook

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's almost here

Christmas is almost near. Are you ready? Is the cash register STILL ringing in your ears as you are trying to fall asleep?

Instead of sugar plum fairies dancing in my head I'm dreaming about being trampled to death by frenzied shoppers rushing to the electronics department in search of a dollar off a $500 computer.

This takes something away from the real reason we celebrate Christmas. It seems to me, today's Christmas is based on buying the biggest and best stuff you can buy for everybody you feel obligated to shop for.

Spend, spend, spend. Money, money, money.

Our kids, as they grow older, want those higher priced items. I miss the days when Barbie dolls and Match Box cars (99 cents or less) were all they wanted. Now they think that money grows on trees. Hello! The partridges have been busy eating all the fruit from the pear trees and there's no cash to be harvested from those money trees.

Christmas used to be my very favorite season of the year. I have accumulated lots of fun decorations over the years that remind me of the people that gave them to me as gifts but with six to eight basketball games a week, I just haven't found the time to get any decorating done. The sad thing? No one even seems to miss all the fuss.

We do have SOME presents but there are still many not crossed out on the kids' lists.

Christmas becomes such a pressure on everyone. My husband, sitting on the bench in the mall while us girls shopped last week, overheard a nervous little girl passing by with her mom. "Have I been an especially good girl this year?" Sounds as though she were maybe losing some sleep over the idea that maybe she wasn't living up to Santa's expectations.

For centuries, kids have been told that Santa was watching them so they better be good. How freaky is that - knowing someone is always watching you (especially in this day and age!)

I enjoy Christmas eve services at church - giving us all a chance to remember the reason for the season in the hustle and bustle.

Christmas will get here and somehow I will whittle down the wish list and the packages will be ripped open and like always, I will second-think each gift I bought. I have raised our kids to appreciate any gift they receive - even if I find it wadded up in a ball behind their dresser two days following Christmas.

I feel bad I didn't get those decorations up this year but when everyone is busy through January putting all their decorations away, I will be laughing.

Next year, I begin early.