Fair asks $40k, raceway needs promoter

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Buena Vista County Board of Supervisors completed the request meetings for non county agencies seeking funding last week. According to County Auditor Karen Strawn there may be an appointment or two still to come up, but nothing has been set as of yet.

On Wednesday, the Buena Vista County Soil and Water Conservation District requested $3,000. The funds will used to help fund programs to educate K-8 students in BV County schools.

According to Colleen Schwanz, secretary of the organzation, they are working to teach courses in Storm Lake Middle School.

"We have done programs in the after-school program but we are trying to get in during school hours but we haven't been successful yet," Schwanz said. "There have been teachers that have said they would like to see our program there but the administrations haven't approved it."

The supervisors were please to hear that the programs were strong.

"I remember the joy of going to Peterson Park," Supervisor Paul Merten said. "I enjoyed the build up to that and learning about conservation. It's good to see it is still going on."

The Buena Vista County Fair Board came in with a request for $40,000 from the the county that would be used for 4-H premiums and improvements on the property. Last year, the fair board worked from having a negative balance on their account books to being able to cover cost of the fair and pay their bills.

"I commend you for the hard work that you all have done," Supervisor Ken Hach said with agreement from other Supervisors. "You had a lot to sort out and did it very well."

According Nancy Robins and Lee Meyer stated that buildings on the property and the grand stand needed work.

"Our livestock building needs the roof to be repaired, we are looking to install real windows in the concession stand instead the wire that is currently there," Robins said. "We are also looking to put tin on the grandstand to help make it look better. If we painted it we would have to do it over and over and we are looking for a more permanent solution."

The fair board is working on getting more booths into the commercial building and considering other fundraisers. As of now, the Buena Vista Raceway doesn't have a promoter. According to spokesperson Lee Meyer, an interested party had backed out of a deal. Not having the races for the fair would result in lost iincome of $20,000.

"The Ag Society is not in a place that we are able to run the track ourselves," Robins said. "But we will be fine without the additional income. We have though about running races during the fair but that is at least $17,000 and we can't afford that right now."

According to Strawn, the county fair funding should be split in two paid in different times of the year.

The BV Historical Society, Hanover History Society, Albert City Historical Society have also had requests. with BV Historical requesting $800 and the others requesting $1,000. Traditionally the Supervisors have granted the same amount of funds for all the historical societies.

In other Supervisor news, the resolution to request the Iowa Legislature to to pass a law that would provide liability protection to counties from bicyclists was finalized. The resolution was proposed by ISAC in response to Crawford County banning RAGBRAI.

According to Strawn, a letter from RAGBRAI was delivered by Storm Lake City Administrator Patti Moore asking if the county was against RAGBRAI.

Supervisors are interested in hosting the ride in the future.

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