Glawe's Outlook

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A long winter

Well, we made it through the first inclement weather of the season - or did we?

I stayed put on Saturday - that's always kind of nice - not able to go anywhere.

It did throw a wrench in our plans for Saturday night - a fancy meal on Bob Madsen! The Pilot Tribune Christmas party was planned for that evening and with our safety in mind, he canceled. Dang it - that meant instead of being served a meal, I had to quick come up with another meal to serve! I was looking forward to sitting down and having someone else wait on me.

The first drive after a snow, or ice, is always tricky. We live on a county road and it is not always scraped or traveled like the highway so I drove extra slow into church on Sunday.

This time of year always makes me nervous to let my kids get in their cars, too. I rely a lot on faith.

My kids' cars didn't move between Friday night and Monday morning. Being the nice mom I am (remember me at Christmas time, Jordan and Marissa) I went out I thought in plenty of time to start their engines and turn their heaters and defrosters on full blast. But after that many hours sitting in the deep freeze, guess what? There was no impact made even after 20 minutes. So I filled up jugs with hot water to pour over the ice sculptures that had formed on their vehicles and went to work with a scraper - until it broke. My replacement weapon was a plastic spatula which worked quite well. I could have made my own igloo with all the ice that I got off their cars but declined since by the time I was done, my fingers were already frozen.

It was in the nick of time, actually over the time that they usually take off for school, that I finished. They jumped into their toasty cars and drove off. No time for thank yous. I watched intently as they drove off, making sure "doughnuts" weren't going to be part of their breakfast.

With my gloves soaking wet, I had to search for any extra gloves I could find - of course they didn't match my coat; I hoped people wouldn't be taking fashion notes.

When I finally got to Storm Lake and stepped out of my van, I saw the street was fit for ice skating - something I was never good at - and not walking. Baby steps is what got me to the front door of the office and I was so thrilled that I didn't take a spill.

The first one is over - the warming sun came out Monday afternoon - and it is time to prepare for the second... and the third... and the fourth... Still, I never seem to be ready.