Jones' Outlook

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Santa's special helper

Tis the season for making things special, from giving to those less fortunate to spending time with lovde ones.

I spend a lot of my time at Santa's Castle this time of the year; I enjoy giving my time as the man in the big red suit. Seeing a kid with a big smile on their face when they first see the beard and hat is priceless.

I still remember a few holidays where I got to sit on Santa's lap and tell how the year was going and all that great stuff. I don't know how many unnamed men have taken to donning the mantle of St. Nick, but I do know one thing is that everyone who has had that experience will have special memories of a certain child asking for a special gift or saying something funny.

There is something special that happens when I look in the mirror and see Santa Claus looking back at me. You almost feel a special glow as you know kids are going to be excited to see you.

The last strong memory that I have of vising Santa was in elementary school and asking for a Gameboy system. My parents let my grandmother know what I was getting from Santa and she bought some games and a carrying case.

My detective mind put two and two together and I figured out there was no way that my grandma knew what I was going to receive.

I was told that Grandma knew Santa, which wasn't a lie, since Santa turned out to be my parents. Yes most of us know that Santa is a character, but I believe there is a genuine Santa Spirt.

The Spirit isn't just when someone puts on the red suit, but something more. I have always been taught that it is better to give then to receive. A valuable lesson in my mind and something I believe to this day.

Santa does more than just deliver presents and fill stockings. He is a beacon of what is good and pure in the world that is so often filled with violence and dismay.

So many times I can't stand to watch some of the news stations or look at some of the press wires because it just seems like the world is turning on itself. But I'll always seem to stop and read the story about a Santa helping out or a group of volunteers aiding a family in need.

I know that some people are shaking their head saying that only religion can be such a beacon, and theyhave a right to their beleiefs. This is mine.

The Santa suit is nothing more than red fabric, some white trimming and a hat... but can you honestly say that when you think back to Santa from your childhood there isn't some fond memory to bring a smile to your face?

I dress like the man and even joke about being known as Santa, but I see myself as one of countless Santa's Special Helpers.

Even though the weather is cold and getting colder and the threat of snow looms ever closer, let us not forget that it's the season of giving and helping out our neighbors.

Not everyone will dress as Saint Nick but we can all embody his spirit.

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