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Thursday, November 29, 2007

She's behind Bill


On January 3rd, on what is bound to be a cold, wet, dark evening. I'll be trudging through possible snow, rain, and slush, to caucus for Bill Richardson...

"Peace, it's wonderful" is the message that New Mexico Governor Richardson stresses in his presidential nomination candidacy. Among those highly qualified for the position is one who excels in diplomacy. That is Bill Richardson.

Governor Richardson's experience is in the U.S. House of Representatives, as Ambassador to the United Nations and as Energy Secretary appointed by President Clinton. These have provided the background for this national leader.

As an attorney, he understands the Constitution of the United States and has promised to adhere to it.

He has a plan to bring all of our troops home from Iraq. His answers are straightforward. To allow illegal aliens in his state to obtain a driver's license stems from plain common sense, not some ideality. The automobile fatalities have decreased in his state due to that safety procedure.

He wishes to become the education President. Educators will agree that there is too much disparity in students' backgrounds for the theory of No Child Left Behind to succeed. He wishes to scrap that. He wishes to see earlier education opportunities for all children.

He realizes that our borders have not been protected. (Our National Guard is over in Iraq ot other places when it could be used at home.) The late Norman Mailer in a recent interview commented on the loss of 40,000 lives in this country from auto accidents every year and suggested that losing 2,000 lives on 9-11 was small compared to that. He believed we overstepped our reprisal to that attack.

Native Iowan Dave Freeman, 64, Bernalillo, N.M., was from Wall Lake. he has lived in retirement in New Mexico for 11 years after a career in the oil industry that began at Hobbs, N.M., and culminated with 13 years in Saudi Arabia. In a telephone interview, Freeman had glowing remarks about Governor Richardson's accomplishments. Credited to him are lowering of state taxes; making public buildings (except casinos and private clubs) smoke free and a mass transit system from Santa Fe to Albuquerque.