Readers Respond

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Letters to the Pilot

Talking tough

on terrorism

From JEANNIE CLAIRE / Albert City

Three GOP candidates talk tough on treating terror suspects: Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson support torture, expanding Guantanamo, extraordinary rendition, and escalating a militant U.S. presence in the world. I think their positions are a good indication of where we are in the historical arc of our development as a nation.

Having been to the mountaintop as the most economically and militarily dominant player in the world, we are now on the precipice of an economic and moral freefall. This can lead to the enormous appeal of tough-talking politicians who, through their militancy, seem to offer backbone in the face of collapse. This is a pattern that has repeated itself throughout history. I hope that those of us who see through the far right extremism currently on display will be diligent in our efforts to maintain another vision - that includes diplomacy and reconciliation as valid tools for foreign policy.

By the way, with every passing day, it becomes disturbingly clear that the most imminent danger comes not from any external enemy group but from the enemy currently occupying the White House.

A farmer

gives thanks

From Aaron Putze

/ Coalition to Support Iowa's Farmers

A farmer gives thanks...

For soaking rains in the spring and dry weather come fall;

For daybreaks and sunsets and the beauty of it all.

A farmer gives thanks...

For horsepower and metal and for engines that start cold;

For rearing stock and seed, a miracle that never grows old.

A farmer gives thanks...

For good families and friends, for the ability to work with one's hands;

To improvise, create, nurture and build while harvesting bounty from the


A farmer gives thanks...

For long summer days and frigid winter winds that blow;

For each of spring's new beginnings and to reap what they sow.

A farmer gives thanks...

For the challenges they meet and the neighbors they greet;

For the livestock that they raise and for the Sundays they give praise.

A farmer gives thanks...

For the clang of full feeders and the aroma of freshly cut hay;

For the playful nudge of a calf and the peck of chickens that lay.

For all they do with skill and devotion,

For abundant and affordable food,

For their stewardship of our land and water

We pause and give thanks... for the Iowa farmer.

The naked truth on SL crime wave?


/ Storm Lake

There has been a crime wave, here in Storm Lake. Down on Cayuga Street, one night a consenting adult women had too much fun, went in "search of" the bathroom door, but chose the wrong door, and by the time she realized there wasn't a pot to **** in, she was out in the hallway, and forgot to remember which was door number one...and by the time the police got there she was sitting on the steps pondering just what a strange trip this has been-and arrested red handed for "public intoxication."

Now, I would like to congratulate the Pilot Tribune for having the decency to not name this suspect of such a heinous crime of choosing the wrong door, at the wrong time... which seems all to have contributed to this unfortunate turn of events, her taking the wrong turn and police that seem prone to overreact to such victimless crimes in the first place, and that's that.

Now, the other paper in town, wasn't so discreet about the horrible embarrassment to a visitor to Storm Lake, who merely made a honest mistake and let this be warning to any visitors to this town - if your make a wrong choice in the dark, your dirty laundry will be open season to the indiscreet over-reactive police scandal rag. The Pilot Tribune knows when to be discreet, but with police so prone to scandalize unsuspecting suspects of heinous bathroom crimes... that other paper will splash your ditties all over the airwaves, I'll bet they even name the "perps" of such heinous crimes on the internet. (Don't the police have more important things to bust people for, like not keeping the lawn mowed to regulation maximum height limits, or parking your car for too long?

Just remember, folks, the motto of this town is "Come on vacation, leave on probation", and right now, some poor visitor to this town has to live down a mug shot... and I just hope she got to use the bathroom first, you know, the one she was looking for in the dark, down there on Cayuga Street, that will be remembered as the site of the crime of the century, aka "wandering without wardrobe...

Now, will this potential customer of our new Vacation Vista aka "King's Pointe" be an emissary of invitation for her friends and family to want to ever come here again? I don't think so. That other newspaper should be ashamed of itself, for naming a person that is so mortified she'll never want to spend money or time in this town again, eh?

I call upon the prosecutor to dismiss this charge and apologize to this victim-the Chamber of Commerce should offer to give her and a friend a free night's lodging in King's Pointe, andmake this a positive publicity effort. Kudos to the Pilot, for having some decency in this recent crime wave.