Readers Respond

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Letters to the Pilot

'The King of Words'

From JEFF PERRILL / Peterson

What if you were in a room full of people and one guy kept getting up making long speeches? What would you think of him? That's what our Congressional Representative Steve King has done for five years. While other men and women worked to legislate, he spouted off, always "knowing" exactly what's right and wrong, lecturing his fellow Congressmen.

While other congressmen work for the good of their local constituents, King gabs and gets nothing done. After three terms in Congress during which his Party has been in the majority (and in the Presidency) King failed to win legislation to build U.S. Highway 20 between Ft. Dodge and Sioux City; a link that would encourage economic prosperity for our District. (On a smaller scale King recently failed to get budget money for the ongoing dredging of Storm Lake, a smaller community striving for economic growth.) He's clearly out of the loop with fellow legislators. Why? He's viewed as a crank. Steve King isn't going to change.

His recent vote against extended health care for children because they might be the children of illegal immigrants is only one more step down the same path. Never mind that thousands of American families on the edge of despair lose their child health care, King's against it. King's actions isolate us from our own nation, from legislative assistance and economic development. What we get instead are words, words, words - what one old British legislator once called "a geyser of pish-posh, a rhapsody of cinders and trash."