Randall joins race for city council

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Scott Randall has not been shy about wanting to be in public service, he ran for Storm Lake City Council in 1998 and for Buena Vista County Board of Supervisors the following year. This year he hopes to help the city continue on "the right direction."

"I had a lot of people supporting me and telling me that I should run," Randall said. "I believe that the current council has gotten the community to the launching pad and I want to make sure that this rocket takes off in the right direction."

The city council has three seats open for the election and Randall has some goals that he would pursue if elected onto the council.

"I have talked with people in the community and I know that the current council has been working on a nuisance ordinance but if it's not done then I would push to make sure that it gets done," council member hopeful said.

Randall further explained that once the ordinance is approved then there may be changes and tweaks that would need to be made.

"It's not going to be perfect but it will be a starting point," Randall said.

But why is the ordinance so important?

"We have been putting efforts into getting Project AWAYSIS going and it's beautiful but we need to have the rest of the community dressed for success," Randall said. "I travel to other communities and they have a sense of pride that is hard to explain and I think that this could be one of the tools that could help with creating that sense of pride. "

Another issue that Randall has been doing research on is the snow ban that generally runs from November to April.

"It doesn't make sense that we have this ban that maybe on average covers six to seven percent of the time of the five months the ban covers," Randall said. "I have talked with communities of similar size like Spencer and LeMars and no one has as strict of ordinance as we do. I feel that we should look at the possibility of doing it only as an as needed basis. If the infrastructure superintendent and city administrator look at the weather and feel it's a concern then they should contact the radio and if possible the newspapers to get the word out the ban is going into effect and people have 24 hours to move their vehicles off the road and then go back on to the radio and let them know the ban has been lifted."

Another issue Randall would like to consider is adding more people to the ordinance enforcement.

"The question I always get is 'where do you get the money?' and I think that we could possibly look at having a small fee for registration of rental properties,"

Randall said. "They have to register and a small fee shouldn't cause too much of an issue."

Randall hopes to set himself apart from the other candidates that are running by stating his views and what he would like to do on council if elected.

"I want people to know how I think and if they want to vote for me because they like what I say great but if they don't want to vote me in because they don't like the way I think then that is up to them," Randall said.

After spending time talking with the public and getting peoples' views, the council member candidate hopes that people will feel like they can approach him to talk about concerns with the council.

"I've always believed that as council members there is a role to play as a voice for the people," Randall said. "Hopefully they will get involved but we are there to represent the community."

The Storm Lake native has seen the changes that the community has gone through and wants to make sure that Storm Lake stays on what he sees as the right path.

"Storm Lake has been changing more then it has ever in the past," Randall said. "Now whoever is elected onto the council will have the responsibility of making sure it stays on the correct path."

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