Jones' Outlook

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Holy wedding bells, Batman

It's kind of scary to think that I'm getting married. I have just become engaged to my girlfriend and I'm very happy.

The actual proposal had me as a nervous wreck. I don't know who came up with the tradition of the proposal, but I would like to ask them what they were thinking.

I have witnessed and helped plan several proposals but when it came down to doing it myself I was a mess. What to do, when to do it, how to do it, what to say, where to do it? All running through my mind. So here is a timeline.

* Friday 12 a.m. - To propose or not to propose, that is question. So I'm sitting at my computer desk, going over all the details. Talking to close friends trying to figure out if I should go for it.

* Friday 1 a.m. - OK, so I'm going to do it. But how? This is suppose to be a magic moment, do I do it in private or public? She will be telling this story for the rest of our lives; I can't afford to mess it up.

* Friday 2 a.m. - Decided: Dinner and a movie. But do I do it after dinner? And what should I say?

* Friday 2:15 a.m. - I have fallen asleep at my computer.

* Friday 9 a.m. - Whoops - I've overslept a little. Oh what a good way to start off the day that I plan to propose.

* Friday 3 p.m. Discuss with co-workers about my plans for the weekend and they are excited for me and are looking forward to hearing the news.

* Friday 5 p.m. - Leave work, everyone wishing me good luck.

* Friday 5:15 p.m. - I realize that I still don't know exactly how I'm going to propose.

* Friday 6:30 p.m. - Dinner time, I honestly don't remember eating but I must have.

* Friday 7 p.m. - Wal-Mart run.

* Friday 7:45 p.m. - Showtime. We're going out, I'm going to do this thing.

* Friday 7:46 p.m. - I get down on knee, "Krystal, will you marry me?"

* Friday 7:46.5 p.m. - A pause.

* Friday 7:47 p.m. - "YES!" with a bear hug tackle to the floor.

Friday 8 p.m. - Call my parents....busy signal.

I was glad that it was finally over, fairy tale style (well, not really, but at least I have it in print, so this column can serve as something of a tale.)

There is no date set yet and other plans are still on hold for the time being.

I used to always joke with my married friends that it seemed that I'm the only one left not to be engaged or married - but I guess I threw that status right out the window.

Still, I wonder, how did it get to be a tradition to do this from one knee? Turns out it is not the most graceful of positions.

My days of being bachelor are ending; not so bad in my mind. I have come to the quick realization that for some odd reason my wife-to-be has a lot of things she would like to have in her wedding. More traditions to be experienced and perhaps wondered about. The hard part is over; it seems like all I have to do now is show up at the right place at the right time.

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