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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Letters to the Pilot

Hats off to Taste of SL


Hats off to the county board of supervisors, the courthouse staff, the Chamber of Commerce, the Arts Council and the Farmer's Market for making Taste of Storm Lake a truly wonderful event this summer! The new location on the courthouse lawn is spacious, inviting, and a great use of public space. You have made downtown Storm Lake the place to be on Thursday nights!

Abortion reflections

BY BO BRINK / Storm Lake

A response to "Abortion issue gets personal:"

Allison Steven's article was almost totally disconnected from reality. Here are some of the reasons why.

1. Allison couldn't bring herself to say "partial birth abortion." This is the type of abortion she was defending. She called it "dilation and extraction," "D and X," and "intact dilation and evacuation." But Allison couldn't just tell it like it is. She failed to mention that this type of abortion is only done in the third trimester, when the baby is much more developed, and could be born prematurely and survive with ease. She also failed to mention the details of what happens in this type of abortion. The so-called doctor pulls the baby's legs and upper body out but leaves the baby's head inside the uterus. Then, with no anesthesia, he uses a pencil-like tool to crush a hole in the back of the baby's head, and then inserts a vacuum-like tool through the hole and sucks the baby's brains out. While her article focused on her concern about the health of the mother, she failed to mention the pain and death of the beautiful, healthy, defenseless, little baby.

2. Allison bemoaned the fact that the 2003 ban on partial birth abortion did not "include an exception for the health of the woman." She also indicated that the five male, Supreme Court judges who voted to uphold the ban showed no concern for protecting women's health during pregnancy. What Allison failed to mention is that neither Congress nor the Supreme Court found any evidence that third-trimester, partial birth abortions are done out of concern for the mother's health.

Women decide on third-trimester, partial birth abortions based on their convenience, not on life-threatening health issues. There was absolutely no reason to include an exception for the health of the woman.

Allison confuses the risks of pregnancy with the risks of abortion. After a paragraph listing some risks of pregnancy (which hardly ever occur), she quotes Judge Ginsburg's three reasons why the partial-birth method of abortion is less risky to the woman than other methods of abortion. But Allison fails to mention that these risks are caused by abortion and are totally unrelated to the pregnancy. If the woman would just give birth to her baby, she could avoid all of the risks mentioned by Ginsburg. What Allison should have stated is that having an abortion endangers a woman's health much more than having a baby.

I am thankful that Allison and her baby survived their early pregnancy scare, and that her healthy baby was born in July. But if she wants to argue in favor of killing more and more babies for the sake of the health of the mother, then she needs to base her arguments on real facts, not on misconceptions.

- Bo Brink