City looks at codes, traffic congestion at August meeting

Thursday, August 9, 2007

The City of Alta is in the process of looking over the city codes, as required by law every five years. They have decided to adopt the International Building Codes to follow and have sought assistance from a member of Northwest Iowa Planning as they switch over to the new codes.

There has been a great number of questions on costs and regulations; there has also been some inconsistency. It is hoped that by following the International Codes, the questions can be immediately answered and followed.

At Monday's meeting, the council discussed also the traffic problems along Main Street in the 400 block where the road seems to narrow. It was decided there would be no parking on the east side of the street between the 400 and 500 blocks and no parking on the west side of the street during the school day (8 a.m.-4 p.m. It should be pointed out that during evening events at the high school, parking on the west side of the street will be permitted. It is hoped this change will assist in the flow of traffic through Main Street.

A request from the Buena Vista County Fair Board for reduced rental fees of the community center was granted. The center was used during the fair for the band Hundred Proof to perform in. The board also requested that they receive a percentage of the bar profits. The council denied that request.

More work will be needed at the detention pond and the final payment to King Construction will not be granted until the work is complete. With the big rains last week, water went over the embankment. Work must be done to heighten the area where the water went over and the area where the water was to drain will be lowered.

The payment of $6,600 will be paid when the work is done; a change order, which will now include seeding of the area, , will be granted. The city crew will assist Kim Proctor in the seeding of the area this fall.

The Northwest First Street construction is continuing. The sewer work has been completed.

No parking signs will be posted across the street from the community center to prevent semi trucks from parking there overnight so they do not interfere with parking when there are events going on at the community center. It was suggested, however, to make an area north of the community center available for them if the drivers need a spot for the night. The old creamery is another area that has been suggested for them to utilize.

The council approved that half of Main Street will be closed Sept. 1 for a street dance sponsored by Scooters.

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