Readers Respond

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Letters to the Pilot

Rights take a beating


First Amendment Free Speech rights haven't fared well lately. With the creeping loss of all personal freedoms in this nation, secondary to the security fears of "terrorism", we appear headed to a police state.

Religious freedoms? Not likely to last there either - Islamic persons could all be terrorists-even BMW doctors appear bent on carnage, at least in London or Scotland, of late, so we could "x" that right off the map as well. Do we have rights to health care here, that is if there is not insurance? Not in LA and some other cities, where "Patient dumping" is now seen, especially for people with mental health issues and serious injuries which require extensive "rehab". The hope is that a public "shelter" will provide a cot, or if not, the person ends up languishing in some discarded van, awaiting a tow job.

And now we have a whole new category of dumping - this time it is "passenger dumping", where irate or vocal plane passengers are asked to leave the plane, in a strange city, because they refuse to be medicated or shut up.

Now of course, if the patient has been drinking too much and gets violent, or starts talking about contrivances designed to send planes out of the sky, that would be a different kind of dumping, right into jail. But this one is different. You see, just the other day a toddler was repeating "bye-bye air plane", and he was excited and exuberant and enthusiastic about it - and the stewardess wanted her authority to drug the kid, with "baby Benedryl", to knock him out, and because the mother wouldn't let the kid get drugged, they both were "removed" from the plane in a strange city, and get this OVER THE OBJECTIONS OF OTHER PASSENGERS who were probably aghast to see just how far our national pastime- speaking up about uncomfortable issues under the First Amendment - is becoming a crime... Maybe the stewardess had never had kids, and was never a kid herself - go figure... Kids say the strangest things, you know...

So now, a person can be "removed" from local county board meetings if he or she says anything which "disturbs" another, or if the person, "claps his hands" to show approval or agreement.

I, personally, have been arrested for saying things others thought were "inappropriate", which "distressed" others, and because I spoke up about "heresy" at a church service, I have been "banned" from a rather large, world-wide church group, which just paid $660 million dollars in LA alone, for sex abuse by ministers of that flock. And another public attorney has told me I "frighten" people, so I am barred from city hall. I can't go to his church, since he sings in that choir, meaning he would be watching for me there, as well. It's as though the streets of Storm Lake are being combed to remove undesirable folks from our midst - anybody heard clapping, beware.

And don't let your child say "bye-bye" anything, anymore, for fear he and you will be placed out on the curb... Am I just imagining this - after all, we are in the 21th Century, right? Now, I wonder how long it will be before other passengers on the plane will learn NOT TO COME TO THE AID OF A TARGETED PASSENGER- so as to avoid being "identified" as an accomplice of a child mongerer, or the like, eh?

Carousel success


The directors, cast and crew of BVCT's production of Carousel would like to thank Lorri Glawe and the Pilot-Tribune for its wonderful coverage of our production. The pictures were great and helped make our show a success at the box office.

The farm activist


I am an activist. That's the label assigned to me by the CSIF, the mouthpiece of Iowa Farm Bureau, corporate agribusiness, and several agriculture associations. Does that label fully describe me? No. I am a rural Cass County resident and a farmer's wife. (My farmer husband is also an activist, along with many of our farming, livestock producing neighbors.) We, along with many other members of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (CCI) recently participated in the demonstration against the CSIF. They are the driving force behind the influx of hog factories and corporate farming throughout the state. CSIF also routinely produces press releases using half-truths, misdirection and spin. Are we against livestock production? No. Many of us ARE livestock producers. Are we against corporate factory farming? Yes. Factory farming might benefit a corporation and a few individual producers, but from a local perspective, it's a dangerous method - both environmentally and economically.

We activists would encourage you to read the statistics and documentation... Our state legislators have bowed to big-money corporate ag lobbyists. Iowa legislators continue to propose and maximise corporate ag protections and benefits while minimizing the same for individuals. Until Iowa stands up to protect us, my activists neighbors and I will continue to fight, and we encourage others to do the same.