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Personal Training: an option for getting into shape

Monday, July 23, 2007

Summer is here and you probably are doing all you can to look your best in that new bathing suit, or maybe you're hoping to show off some impressive muscles. At the same time, maybe you have a hard time motivating yourself, or you're not sure what exercises are most effective for you, or maybe you've even injured yourself and are having difficulty keeping up your previous level of activity. Personal training could help you work toward achieving your goals.

Storm Lake offers two different options for those wishing to obtain a personal trainer. The Buena Vista Regional Medical Center North Campus houses a Fitness and Health Center on West Milwaukee Avenue, and Anytime Fitness offers a 24-hour gym and training by appointment on N. Lake Ave. The venues are somewhat different. With about 40 percent of the BVRMC clients working on rehabilitation training and therapy, it may seem less threatening than a traditional gym for some. However, the larger facility and 24-hour open schedule at Anytime Fitness may appeal to others.

Regardless of where you would prefer to exercise, there are a few things you should think about before going to see a personal trainer. First, if you are over 55 or you have 2 or more risks for heart disease, you should consult your physician to determine if you are healthy enough for exercise. With a clean bill of health, you should determine what your goals are for training and what kind of time commitment you can make.

"You've got to know what's right for you and what you want to do," said Director and personal trainer at BVRMC, Troy Henrich.

Your goals will make a difference in the kind of program your trainer designs for you, whether you want to achieve a more ideal weight or you want to bulk up. It is generally recommended that a person exercise three to five times a week, so you should figure out where in your schedule you may have time to meet with your trainer. Because most people have busy schedules, the BVRMC campus is open early in the morning and later at night, and appointments can be made at Anytime Fitness at almost anytime of the day or night.

The first appointment you make with a personal trainer will consist of a consultation to discuss your goals and availability with a trainer, and a series of fitness tests and measurements. Minimally, you can expect to be weighed and have a body composition test done to determine how much of your mass is muscle and how much is fat.

The consultation may also include circumference measurements (if you want to add or subtract inches to a waist, biceps, etc.), flexibility tests, cardiovascular endurance tests, and muscular strength and endurance tests. These measurements will be used as a guide to set up an individualized program to achieve your goals, and as a comparison to new measurements after you have worked with your program and trainer for a period of time.

Two of the biggest reasons people don't seek out personal trainers is a lack of time or money, however these factors depend largely on the client himself. The amount of time spent in the gym will depend on your goals and availability, as will the number of sessions, and consequently, the amount of money it costs. If you are simply interested in taking measurements and creating an individualized program, and you believe you can motivate yourself and work out properly on your own, it can cost as little as $20. However, the more sessions you sign up for the more it will cost.

No matter how many sessions you sign up for, the main goal of your personal trainer is to educate you about how to exercise properly and how to get the best results from your workout. Henrich stresses that education is the most important part of his interaction with clients.

"I want people to know why they're doing what they're doing," he said.

If you decide to give personal training a try, expect to be educated by a motivated and supportive trainer at your side. At the same time, expect to put some effort into achieving your goals.

"I like to see dedication, a commitment to your goals," said Randy Phillips, a trainer at Anytime Fitness.

Henrich echoes this statement. "Effort is the key for me to be happy with what I do," he said. "Exercise is for everyone, it's just a matter of how it works for you."

He admits that finding an exercise program that works can be a challenge, but that is why he enjoys his job and feels it is important.

"I will love my job until the day I can't find that challenge," he said.

To make a consultation appointment call the BVRMC Fitness and Health Center at 732-7722, or Anytime Fitness at 213-2470.

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