Stunt Juggler enjoys his talent

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tuey the Stunt Juggler took the stage at the Star Spangeled Spectacular on July 4 in Storm Lake.

"I've been doing this for 27 years and have traveled all over," Tuey, a Minnesota native said.

Tuey wowed crowds as he did different tricks and told jokes. One of his more dangerous stunts was standing on top of a ladder while juggling torches and wearing the "Beanie of Death", a hat that would spin when lit of fire.

"I would say that kids shouldn't try this at home but that's where I learned it," Tuey said to the crowd before he performed the stunt.

Tuey learned to juggle in middle school and as time went on he developed more tricks.

"When I graduated from high school I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life," Tuey said. "I remember seeing the street juggler at the Renaissance Fair and thought that would be cool and now I'll be returning for my 27th year there."

Tuey also performs at the Dixie Stampede in Orlando, Fla. and Branson Mo., as well as other holiday events around the country.

"Some places I can't do certain tricks. In the Dixie Stampede in Orlando I can't do my fire tricks because of certain laws," Tuey said.

Tuey was glad to see a solid stage built in front of the band shell in Sunset that was used by Celebration Iowa the night before.

"This stage has allowed me to feel very comfortable doing some of my riser tricks with it being so stable," Tuey said. "I've been to some places where I have nothing, only a wet grassy area and I have to ask for a piece of plywood."

The comic stunt juggler took years to learn how to properly stand on the top of the ladder.

"The first time I did it, I fell and hit my head on a cement floor," Tuey said. "Later on I learned how to do it properly."

Tuey said,"It's great to see thelooks on peoples' faces after you do some of the dangerous tricks," Tuey said. "It's fun to see the little children wide-eyed and open - mouthed."

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