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Council examines rec vehicle codes

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Alta City Council members will be taking a long, hard look at the current city codes dealing with snowmobile and golf cart use on city streets as well as permits for commercial and residential improvements and rental properties.

There is a need for the changes, it was agreed as many of the codes are not being followed.

Code Enforcement Officer Mike Michehl told the council Monday night that he would like to see some type of penalty for those who do not adhere to the permit codes.

"In the '60s and '70s, you could do your work then get a permit from the city," he said. "You can't do that anymore. You have to get your permit before your work begins. That's just a way to protect the public."

He said he has seen many projects started in the city that permits have not been issued for. He suggested issuing fines for those people and that if the codes are not enforced, people will continue to abuse them.

He also has a great concern with the condition of some of the rental properties in the city and would like to see inspections resumed to make sure the facilities are safe for residents. He said he would like to get together with the Alta fire chief and a couple of the council members to establish a list of things that need to cleaned up or maintained on the properties to assure safety. The council thought this was a good idea.

Alta Police Officer Randy Hazel was on hand to discuss the snowmobile and golf cart issues that have been a headache for some time. The discussion went into great length and will continue.

It was suggested by council members Pam Henderson and Bruce Frederick that the code enforcer be paid $15 an hour and be bumped up to 30 hours per week eight months of the year when they may see more construction and permit issues and back down to 20 hours per week the other four months of the year.

"The job will pay for itself," Frederick said. "We now have an officer to enforce the codes. Mike is what Alta has needed for a long time."

The council approved the raise and upped his mileage rate from 37 cents to 45 cents.

Michehl made another suggested that the council will be considering which could provide financial help for senior citizens who may need their house painted or sidewalks repaired but no funds to pay for the improvements. He suggested hosting several fundraisers with the proceeds to go into a special fund for these projects. The council will consider the idea.

Street superintendent Brad Pedersen suggested that parking be addressed on Main Street between Fourth Street and Fifth Street. He pointed out that the street narrows in this area and it may be best to put a ban on parking on one or both sides of the street to making passing easier. The issue will be discussed again.

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