City Council accepts Golf Course and Senior Center renovations

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Project AWAYSIS Manager Mike Wilson introduced Chris Wroge to the Storm Lake City Council this week as the new hotel manager for King's Pointe. Wroge is excited to be in Storm Lake and a part of the project.

"I've been to a lot of different places and this one is very exciting to be a part of," Wroge said.

Wilson was pleased to announced the final completion of both the Senior Center and golf course, Sunrise Pointe Golf Course.

"The contractors were great to work with and the project turned out well," Wilson told the council Monday night.

The opening date for the golf course has not yet been announced.

In other AWAYSIS news, a change order was accepted for the furniture, fixture and equipment contract with Iowa Office Supply. According to Wilson, the requirement for the contractor to provide a performance bond was inadvertently omitted from the specifications and as a result the premium for the bond was not included in the contractor's bid which is $6,890.

"This was a mess on my part," Wilson said. "I didn't catch it before the the bidding went out."

There was also an addition of $397.18 to modify upholstery fabric and two sofas.

The contract for the furniture, fixture and equipment contract for Project AWAYSIS now totals $852,317.

Wilson also informed the council that he was pleased with how the water park is doing.

"I have been talking to people and some have told me that they don't feel like they are in Storm Lake any more," Wilson said. "With the lake in the background some have felt it was like being on a cruise ship."

In other council news, the Buena Vista County Board of Supervisors has requested that a vacation of the easement on the North side of 411 Expansion Blvd and the South side of 413 Expansion Blvd which is the current site of the Law Enforcement Center.

A letter from Supervisor Chairman Herb Crampton stated that Iowa One Call was contacted and has verified that no existing utilities were present on the easement. The County had previously asked the City for an agreement to allow them to place portion of their backup generator on the easement area.

Mayor Jon Kruse was curious about the possibility of removing all of the easements.

"The county has not nor have we been able to talk to the owners of plot one so we don't know as yet," City Clerk Justin Yarosevich. "I know they are looking to get this passed, so right now I think we should pass it as is and then at later date consider removing all of the easements between one and four."

The Council approved the first reading of an ordinance that will give Alliant Energy a franchise Agreement with the City. The agreement is for 15 years and is non-exclusive allowing the City to enter into a similar franchise agreement with another vendor if they so desire. The agreement allows for the implementation of franchise fees up to 7 percent of gross receipts should the City so desire in the future.

According to Yarosevich, the City has a similar agreement with Mid American Energy.

Jan Bowles, a representative of Alliant Energy, said that the company has been a natural gas utility since 1949 along with other contributions.

"We are also excited to pay taxes, which may seem unusual, but we are will to provide taxes in the communities that we are in," Bowles said.

"I've personally had to call Alliant Energy a few times on some minor things that they have always been professional," Council member Jim Treat said.

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