Schroeder's View

Monday, July 2, 2007

A smile is a boomerang

We all have bad days, whether they stem from a confrontation with someone else, the dreaded getting up on the wrong side of the bed syndrome or blaming our foul mood on the inclement weather. What can we do to improve our moods or the moods of others? Let me help:

* Smile. Not just a quick quiver with the corner of your mouth, make it a great big, teeth showing smile. It not only will make you feel better, but the person that you are smiling at will return that smile right back at you!

* Give a hug. Make sure that the person that you are hugging, knows you and trusts that you aren't making any inappropriate moves on them. That too will be returned.

* Give a compliment. We all like to hear the good things. It doesn't take much thought to tell someone that they are doing a good job, are dressed nicely, or that you like the way that they combed their hair. Just a small sign that someone is paying attention boosts one's spirit so much that they perform much more adequately. Besides more often than not they too will throw a compliment right back at you!

* Give someone a sweet , heartfelt greeting card. It isn't just fun to sort through the many different cards that are on the market now-a-days. I love the ones that when you open them they play a song; but just to write a quick hello makes you feel a bit closer to someone that you might otherwise not keep in touch with. And oh, what a feeling to be the receiver of such a thoughtful gesture!

* Chocolate!! Is this not one of God's most soothing creations. Chocolate in any form has a tendency to either give you that needed boost of energy, in the same token calm your nerves. It has to be that ever so small amount of caffeine...or possibly the enormous amount of sugar. At any rate taking a few nibbles of the scrumptious treat will bring a well needed grin to anyone's cheeks.

* Humor really is the best medicine. When I really am down, I recruit the aid of some silly comedy or a joke found on the internet. Sometimes though, even a silly childish joke on a piece of candy will bring turn the happy fairy my way so that she...or he may sprinkle 'happy dust" on my day.

It isn't very often that you will find a frown on my face though, but if by chance you see that smile turned upside down I give you permission to send a bit of happiness my way. Rest assured that it will come right back at ya!

*Trudy Shroeder is a Pilot-Tribune alum who contributes a weekly column on family living.