Dredge on pace to make goal

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

According to Public Works Director Pat Kelly, the Storm Lake dredge crew is working hard toward hitting its year end goal of dredging 600,000 cubic yards.

"The dredge has been doing about 250 (cubic yards) a day, and we are at 16-17 feet deep which is about 8 feet of mud being removed," Kelly told the Lake Improvement Commission Monday afternoon.

The dredge has had some issues from both mechanical and weather impact. According to Kelly, a plate that was in front of the dredge to help prevent rocks from going through the pump has been removed.

"With the mud that we are in right now it was hitting the plant and then getting gummed up and then gumming up the cutter head," Kelly said. "But now we are running better than ever."

The city of Lakeside had requested about 50 cubic yards of spoil soil to help with a drainage project on Park Street. The Lake Improvement Commission currently has a pile of black dirt that was on hold for the spoil site but Kelly did not feel it was going to be needed.

According to City Administrator Patti Moore, the Commission needed approval from the Storm Lake City Council to utilize the dirt.

"The City actually owns the dirt and they need to request for permission from the council," Moore said. "The Engineer will need to decide if it is needed or not and then the council will be asked."

A motion was passed depending on approval from the Storm Lake City Council to allow up to 80 cubic yards to go to Lakeside.

According to Finance Director Paul Hoye, the Commission received the last 10 percent of the state grant, $50,000, this month.

Moore added that the request for up to 90 percent of the next fiscal year's grant has already been sent it.

"We've learned that you can not wait until last minute to get a request in," Moore said. "We would expect the funds to come in sometime during August."

The Lake Preservation Association will be holding its annual picnic at the Municipal Golf Course Clubhouse with Iowa Department of Natural Resources Director Richard Leopold as the guest speaker tonight.

"This will be his first time to the area and the we excited to have him here," Gary Lalone of the LIC said.

Leopold will be given tours of the dredge and the watershed.

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