New DNR Director attends LPA picnic in SL

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Lake Preservation Association will be hosting their annual picnic, Tuesday June 26 at the Clubhouse on the Storm Lake Municipal Golf Course. Tickets are $6 a person. The New Department of Natural Resources Director Richard Leoplod will be speaking to attendees as well.

"I think a lot of people will show up because they will be interested to hear Rich Leopold speak," LPA Vice President Margaret Redenbaugh said. "Former Director Jeff Vonk was really behind the project and so is Rich Leopold and there will be people there interested in hearing what he has to say."

Redenbaugh added that Director Leopold will be coming up in the morning for a tour of the watershed and see some of the work that has been done.

Cammie Knollenbuerg of the Corp of Engineers will give an update as well about the progress on Little Storm Lake. Also a door prize of a night's stay at King's Pointe Resort and Water Park is offered. Each dinner ticket a person purchases, their name will be put into a fish bowl for a chance. The winner must be present to win.

The LPA has been an active group, working countless hours, helping plan different projects like rain gardens, working in the political field informing politicians about the importance of the dredging and other work that happens to help improve the water quality in the area and even informing the public about the importance of keeping the lake looking health and strong.

The LPA's mission sated on their web site, is, "Improve the water quality of Storm Lake through the co-operation of City, County, State, Federal, and Private resources. The purpose of such an endeavour is to not only to increase the aesthetic qualities of the lake, but also to increase the economic development of the Storm Lake area. Improvements will include, but are not limited to, dredging the lake of silt, developing the watershed, and improving the filtering affects of Little Storm Lake."

According to Redenbaugh, the LPA is looking for support and volunteers

"We are always needing people to help with volunteering with planning events and membership drives or lobbying politicians and informing them about the work that is being done and helping raise funds for dredging," the Vice President of the LPA said.

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