Readers Respond

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Letters to the Pilot

From Russia With Love


"I have to tell you that I find Russia's recent missile diplomacy difficult

to understand, and we regret Russia's reluctance to accept the partnership

in missile defense that we have offered".

- Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

Difficult, difficult to understand that no one trusts the Bush Administration any longer, even the Senate, Congress, Military Generals and a voting public no longer have that trust. Trust is a very hard thing to

rebuild once abused. Remember Cuba; we did not trust that act over forty years ago, so why should the Russians trust this one? You say that you are acting in good faith, in Europe the past is not so long ago, the scars and resentments are still on the surface-and quite raw. In fact, you can touch them if you dare to.

Perhaps the money would be better spent to reeducate administration officials who have little knowledge of foreign or world affairs, which their best term used is as "Ludicrous" as ludicrous itself. Why, this growing gap, this insensitive nature to historical facts has been blurred by the

total lack of critical thinking.

Madame Secretary, I don't remember seeing you at the Berlin Wall, and in 1984 I don't remember seeing you in the former DDR, I do however, remember being followed everywhere I went, not able to sit down at a café and talk with East Germans, given a list of what I can and can not photograph, much like New York today. The East Germans fear was very large and very real, is there any real need to recreate it. A wise man once said, "What we learn from History, is nothing at all".