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Presidential campaign in Alta

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Thompson: Time to be bipartisan

Former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson has been told all his life that he could not win any of the elections he has entered.

"When I ran for the House, I was told that I couldn't win. Well, I went door to door for the whole the three rural county area and when it came to election day, I won. After 20 years I decided to run for Governor and I was told that I wouldn't win because I was a no name from nowhere and I got out there worked hard to and on election day, I headed to the Governor's mansion," Thompson told an audience of supporters at the West Links Golf Course Saturday afternoon.

"I've been told I can't win the presidency and that is why I'm out here now working hard and getting my message out. I know that I have to have Iowa to have a chance at winning."

Thompson said he will have visited all 99 counties by August's straw poll time. he is the first viable candidate to speak in the local area this year.

Thompson claims to be the only candidate focused on issues. A key plank in his platform is how to handle Iraq, he says.

One of the key things he wanted to do was to have the 18 territories set up state-like governments and let Shiite territories be run by the Shiites and Kurds areas be ran by the Kurds.

"Once the territories are ran by their own people they will feel stronger and protected," Thompson said. "Also I think that we should let the Iraqi people decided if they want us there by a vote. If they elect us to stay there then we know we are wanted and have a legitimate reason to be there. If they vote no then we come home."

Thompson also added the idea of splitting up the oil revenues of Iraq with a third going to the Iraqi federal government, a third going to territory government and the final third going to the people, similar to the deal with Alaskan residents.

"The people are more likely to want to protect the oil refineries because that is money in their pockets," Thompson said.

The Republican presidential hopeful also hit on another hot topic issue of the campaign of immigration.

"We need to start setting up controlled points of access and get rid of the open borders," Thompson said. "We are a nation of immigrants but we need people to do it legally and no amnesty for anyone."

During a question and answer segment of the lunch, Thompson was asked about education.

"One of the things I feel is that the federal government has no business in education," Thompson said. "If they want to do anything then create a transparency program that will allow areas to adopt as needed."

When Governor of Wisconsin, Thompson worked with legislators and started a charter school. The school requires that all students will attend all their classes and do all the required work.

"We have celebrated with a 98 percent graduation rate and that is the best in the country," Thompson said. "We need to allow parents to enroll their children in the best schools they can."

Thompson also wants to work on lessening the country's dependance on foreign oil. He supports the different programs to provide power like ethanol.

"Wisconsin has supported ethanol before it was cool to do so and I think we need to expand the use of ethanol and not just corn based either," Thompson said.

He also added that he liked seeing that Buena Vista County was strong with not only bio fuels but wind energy as well.

Another question was how to deal the military being under staffed and lacking in funds.

"The first thing I would do is have every department cut their budget by 2 percent across the board and put the extra money towards security," Thompson said.

During an exclusive interview with the Pilot-Tribune, Thompson said that both parties are guilty of hurting the American public with partisan politics.

"It seems that everyone is set on tearing things down and we need to get away from that," Thompson said. "We need walk across the aisles and shake hands agreeing that we have a problem and work on fixing it together. We need to have more this across America and work on fixing problems together instead of tearing everything down and starting over."

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