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Rains frustrate King's Pointe building pace

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Heavy rains have slowed the work on the exterior and site of the King's Pointe lodge development, according to Project Manager Mike Wilson, but as of now, no changes are being made to the opening dates for the water park in June or the lodge in August.

"There are things needing to be done, like grading and pouring concrete," Wilson said. "Neither of those can be done with it like this."

Mud and standing water all over the lakefront development site complicate construction.

"What we need are a lot of days of sunlight, warm temperatures, and some wind," Wilson said.

The same is true nearby, where finishing touches need to be put on the renovated golf course, which is expected to open by July, and the site for a major condominium development on the course, just getting under way.

Wilson said that he will be meeting with the contractors at King's Pointe and be discussing the timetables for when various stages of work can now be expected to be complete.

"We will also look at where they might be able to catch up as well," Wilson said. "Right now it's too early to tell."

The outdoor aquatics center is mostly completed. The pool areas are finished and the Lazy River tube ride attraction is painted but still waiting for an opportunity to be filled for a final test.

"The majority of the water park is completed," Wilson said. "We need to finish the grounds and the parking lot."

At the lodge, interior work has not been slowed down by the weather, and is progressing according to plan.

On Monday, workers were planting small evergreens and ornamental shrubs in the wide new median of Sunrise Park Road running between the golf course clubhouse and King's Pointe lodge. Raised well above ground level, the plantings should be safe from stormwater concerns.

This is not the first time Mother Nature has upset the best-laid plans of the architects for the city's nearly $38 million development. In September of 2006 a windstorm pushed the partly-complete structure out of plumb. Damages to repair that situation are newly estimated at $135,834.

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