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Monday, April 30, 2007

One of the smallest Iowa graduating classes in recent history

Around Storm Lake, they are simply known as "The Mighty Ten."

The St. Mary's High School Class of 2007 may be small, but its achievements have been powerful.

All ten plan to attend college, bound for nine different schools. All have been on honor roll. Eight of the 10 are multi-sport athletes, the other two, cheerleaders.

Classmates for as long as they can remember, they have been counting down the final days of their high school career for weeks, they say, but they will never forget the memories they have made together.

History at St. Mary's will remember them as being one of the smallest classes in the by being one of the smallest graduating classes in the near century the parochial school has graced Storm Lake.

The seven girls and three boys share a special bond. Says Becky Lenhart, "We fight like brothers and sisters."

There are many advantages of being among a class so small. "The teachers love us," commented Abby Richardson, with a bright smile and a laugh from all her classmates.

"There's always someone you can count on," says another. "We dominate at class competitions," shares Janie Imming.

They started as kindergarten students of Bev Mach, who is now principal.

The 10 have always been competitive, in sports and other activities, they agree whole heartedly. They have made each other better and stronger in many ways.

"In sports, people didn't really expect much from us because of our size but we we've made big achievements," said Becky Lenhart.

Another advantage of such a small class - they can all fit in one vehicle! (Yes, they have done it.)

Of course, with so few classmates, everyone knows everything about everyone; TJ Miller added that this is both advantage and disadvantage!

With so few classmates, they agreed, sports have suffered slightly and there have been "lack of options" - namely - prom and homecoming dates!

In their junior year, the Mighty 10 were each forced to do the work of several as they decorated for the prom.

"That has just made us all more involved," said Janie, referring to taking part in class contests, prom and other activities.

Seven of the 10 students have been together for all 13 years at St. Mary's.

When they started kindergarten, the class numbered 30 students. By fall of their junior year, the total had dwindled to 10.

Would they change things if they could?

"Sometimes but not overall," Janie said, while Thomas Stewart added he would have liked more students in class to make things "more adverse."

Devin Landgraf said he prefers the small numbers. "I can tell everyone everything and get good advice - for the most part."

They share their thoughts on what they will remember about each other:

* Abby Richardson - Will be the most successful

* TJ Miller and Devin Landgraf - Class clowns ("They go together and are partners in crime," the girls agreed.)

* Thomas Stewart - Most serious

* Jessica Lussman - Most clumsy

* Becky Lenhart - Chatterbox

* Ashley Schultz - Will be the first to get married and the wild child ("we mean that in a good way," her friends added.)

* Janie Imming - She's never mad

* Emily Godfredson - The go-getter

* Emily Lenhart - Most fashionable

All 10 honor roll students are now preparing to attend college - three will be in Sioux City - Becky and Devin at Morningside and Janie at Briar Cliff; two will be in South Dakota - Jessica at the University of South Dakota and TJ at Sioux Falls College; Ashley will head south to Northwest Missouri State; Abby will look north to St. Benedict in Minnesota; Thomas will attend the University of Iowa; Emily Lenhart will go to Mt. Mercy in Cedar Rapids and Emily Godfredson will attend Hawkeye College in Waterloo. All have grand careers planned - a lawyer, an artist, an engineer, a nurse, an elementary teacher, a physical therapist and businessman - are included. Six of the 10 will play college sports.

The past is special and the futures are bright for the Class of 2007.

They vow to keep in touch with each other after they leave St. Mary's High School; and as Emily G. pointed out, "Reunions will be easy to plan!"

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