Glawe's Outlook

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

From students to educators

I, like many of you, have an aching heart for the parents, family members, friends, teachers and administrators since hearing the news of the three Schaller-Crestland teens who died last week.

And like always in these tragedies, there are the questions of "Why did it happen?" and "Why someone so young?" As difficult as is is, in these situations, it is best not to question it but accept the decision made by the higher power.

What I do know is that these three boys while here were students, soaking up information in the classroom and even on every football field, basketball court, track or golf course that they could be seen at. But now, they are educators. Yes, we can learn a great deal from these three young men - and this tragedy - that has touched so many.

These are only a few things we can learn from Cody, Tony and Sam:

* Parent, always tell your children you love them when they leave the house - no matter how many times that may be.

* Life really is precious; it should never be taken for granted. Find pleasure in every single day.

* Friends are important; make as many memories as you can with those people.

* Tragedy brings communities closer together. Perhaps, you should let people know how important they are to you before something happens and you can only hope they knew you cared.

* Tears are ok. The question of, "Where do all those tears come from?" is a good one to ponder. Tears cleanse the face and the soul.

* It is ok to show emotions when you're sad - even for guys.

* Memories are priceless and made to be shared. Those "remember when" moments help heal the pain and can even bring out a bit of laughter in the darkest moments.

These boys will be missed for a very long time but also remembered for all their contributions to their families, friends, school, church and community.

And now, also, as educators.