Letters to the Pilot

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Admit to loss in Iraq

To the Editor,

We lost the Iraq war four years ago when we disbanded the Iraqi army and put hundreds of thousands of armed, unemployed Iraqis on the streets. In order to change course and plan future strategy we must first admit the indisputable fact that we have lost. Politicians say, "If we pull out now the entire sacrifice will all be in vain". Not only was it all in vain, the war has actually put us in a worse position by recruiting more terrorists, not to mention the cost of blood, money and world opinion. Get over it. Until we get honest in admitting the present reality, there can be no realistic plan for the future.

- John Christensen, Storm Lake

Volunteer with seniors

To the Editor,

In the study of gerontology, there are three simple theories that relate to elders in long-term care. First is the Activity Theory, which states that most elder adults are happier when in engaged in some sort of rewarding or satisfying activity. The second theory, the Disengagement Theory, states that as a person ages, he or she withdraws from activities of interest. The Continuity Theory is also simple in concept. This theory states that elder adults will carry out the same activities and lifestyles they had throughout their years living independently. Activity Directors strive to help promote the Continuity Theory.

As an Activity Director at Methodist Manor Retirement Community, I have found that one of the largest proponents of carrying out the Continuity Theory is my volunteer program. There are many ways that one can volunteer with the elderly. One of the biggest proponents of depression in Nursing Home Care is boredom and lack of activity. Volunteering with the elderly could be as simple as reading the newspaper to vision impaired residents. Many times, residents really just need someone to talk to. Reminiscing about the past can be a very beneficial activity for an elderly individual.

If you would like to become a part of the Volunteer Program at Methodist Manor Retirement Community, please stop by and fill out an interest survey or contact Zach in the Activity Department. Your volunteerism is greatly appreciated and you too can make a difference in our Elder's lives.

- Zach Niebuhr, Methodist Manor Retirement Community, Storm Lake