Glawe's Outlook

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Snowed in

I kind of like blizzards. Now hold on to those snowballs, I don't deserve to be bombed with them if you disagree! Hear me out!

Our lives are so fast paced these days - that the two blizzards we've endured over the last two weeks have forced our family to slow down and take a good, hard look at each other - no matter how difficult that was!

During the first storm, we were grounded only one day. We spent the day doing things around the house, not by choice of the kids, mind you. We worked together.

And then after some hard work, we sat down together and watched videos of when those kids - that at times now seem so difficult and moody - were sweet and innocent and didn't mind giving mom a hug and a kiss. (Yes, I remind the oldest boy, you did give hugs at one time.) I wish they would revert back to some of those special times...

We did resume some of that work and later on we sat down together again. And we laughed and we laughed. To many of you that doesn't sound like a big deal but to us, it was awesome. It was fun.

Then, the weather turned bad again on Wednesday. Fortunately I stopped at the grocery store and a pizza joint before heading home. I was only home 10 minutes when we lost power. It was an isolated area but we were included.

But we enjoyed our meal by flashlight beams and then got out the board games. And then we discussed how we take things - like electricity - for granted. The girls headed off into one of their rooms for a deep sister conversation and the boys, missing their computer-generated players on their NBA 2007 computer game, decided to call it a night and headed off to bed early.

The power was restored at 1 a.m., so I thought. I awoke to all the lights we had left on and changed all the clocks back to the correct time. Did I say I can't see small print without my contacts? I thought my watch said 1 a.m.

My husband and I arose at 6 a.m. Thursday to check out the weather on KAYL. Music, and more music continued to play and as 7 a.m. approached, we still wondered why nothing was being said about school closings, etc. So I checked the time on a battery-operated clock, which I should have done in the beginning. We were an hour ahead on all the other clocks; the electricity must have come back on at midnight, not 1. Another dumb mistake my husband won't let me live down. So what?

We fell back asleep and were awakened by the announcement of no school. No travel advised. So we were confined to the house for three more days filled with the kids fighting for my attention - play this game with me, mom; watch this tv show with me, mom; and of course, "can we eat again?" Bored, I guess I'll call it, we all ate more than normal, leaving me in the kitchen only to cook and clean up some more.

It is tough to get back into the old routine, after being away from work for three days and not having to run to some school event. I'm not ready for another snow storm 'cause that sun sure looked pretty on Sunday.

We were all glad to be able to get out of the house late Saturday afternoon for a little bit, but you know what, I think the storm made us realize that we really do enjoy each other's company and presence (not to mention the thrill of beating mom at a board game.)

* Lorri Glawe is a member of the Pilot-Tribune news staff. Reach her at lglawe@stormlakepilottribune.com.