Readers Respond

Monday, February 19, 2007

Letters to the Pilot

Smoke 'em while you've got 'em

To the Editor,

Iowa is posed to solve all of it's budget problems, with a single stroke of the new government pen.

By raising the state tax on cigarettes, the Big Lug intends to balance the budget. It is a regressive tax that affects primarily the poor. Perhaps this new source of revenue will work as effectively as the TouchPlay dollars, or even the casino dollars, that were supposed to be for education? I wonder.

I'm not sure what the nicotine addicts down in Polk County will do to get their fix, (go to Missouri?)

But me, I'm going to Winnevegas Indian Casino, to get mine...

Let me predict the future here, the day the bill is signed into law by the big lugnut, the Winnebago Indians will be celebrating, and breaking ground on their new 10,000 square foot tobacco shop...

The Indians, former scourge of the west, certainly have learned a few tricks from good ole uncle sam, with their tribal rights, and non-taxable status, they have learned how to make lemonade, out of lemons... Right now, you can take a pleasant scenic drive to the reservatin, and pay $12.50 for a pretty fine carton of coffin-nails, they could raise the price to $15.00, in Winnevagas, and it would still be a steal at the state's future prices... Imagine, while you are there, you can toss a few quarters in the slot machines, maybe catch a weekend show, and fill your tank up on cheap gas for the ride home. All in all, everyone should come out ahead of the game...

I guess what miffs me off the most about this new tax, is the idea that the state has a right, nay a duty, to prevent me from slowly killing myself. I thought I made a choice that was a legal, adult choice. I will make another one now...The Government, (and by that I mean Federal State, and local) just keeps chipping away at the foundation of our country, chipping away at the Constitution, and Bill of Rights. It is pathetically funny that our State motto is "Our liberties we prize, Our rights we will maintain..." Perhaps what we really need is a motto, that better reflects the truth: "Iowa - You find a way to make it, We will find a way to take it..." Sounds about right to me.

- Troy Chindlund, Cherokee