Letters to the Pilot

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

My hometown

To the Editor:

I have always been proud to call Storm Lake my hometown. Last weekend gave me that much more of a reason for my pride.

I currently live in the Des Moines area and had come home to visit my parents and get a part for my truck replaced at Fitzpatricks. On my way to Storm Lake, my speedometer went out on my truck. That wasn't the part that I was originally coming back to get repaired.

On Saturday morning when my dad and I took my truck into Fitzpatrick, we spoke to Mike in the service department about my speedometer going out. He was very helpful and let us know that he would check into it when fixing the other part.

I found out, later that morning, the part to fix the speedometer would need to be ordered and was scheduled to come in either Tuesday or Wednesday. That meant I would need to leave my truck there.

My next concern was how my son and I would get back to the Des Moines area so that I could go to work and my son could go to school.

The plan was to take my parents' convertible back until my truck was done being repaired. However, that didn't work out as planned. My parents only drive that car in the summer. After my dad charged and started it, he noticed the temperature control was stuck on cold. He put a space heater in the car to try to get it unstuck. My dad worked on it for three hours then took it on a test drive. He had only gotten five miles and froze. Of course, it had to be the coldest day we have had so far this winter. It was no longer an option to take their convertible.

Now it was time to brainstorm a plan B. My dad ended up call Tom Fitzpatrick at home. He really didn't want to do that, especially since it was Sunday and Tom's day off. He was very willing to help us out and he did just that.

Tom made a quick phone call to Gayle, with Excel car rental. She met us there and within 15 minutes I was set up with a car and peace of mind knowing that my son and I would be safe and warm on the way back. We had gotten a call from Tom to make sure that arrangements had been taken care of. That is the kind of friendly and caring service that you'll only find in a small town.

Their helpfulness and genuine concern about getting myself and my son back safe brought to me so many reasons why I'm proud to tell people that Storm Lake is my hometown.

- Kristine M. Taylor, Des Moines