Readers Respond

Monday, February 5, 2007

Letters to the Pilot

After the anger, find the peace

To the Editor,

Genesis Development would like to thank the Storm Lake community for their support of our successful fundraiser for Santa's Castle this past holiday season. Genesis has accepted donations of cash and redeemable beverage containers from the community in support of Santa's Castle. The great response from the community helped us raise $673.80, which was presented to Santa's Castle representatives recently. These dollars are earmarked for the handicapped accessibility of the 1905 Carnegie Library building where Santa's Castle is located. Our dream is to see this beautiful Storm Lake historical and architectural treasure become accessible to everyone, regardless of whether they are able to climb stairs or not.

Over the past five years, this project has contributed nearly $6,000 and 160 hours of volunteer time as Genesis staff and people receiving services have worked at Santa's Castle one night each week through the holiday season. Genesis initiated this project in 2002 in order to give back to the Storm Lake community in return for their support of our mission: To create opportunities, supports and choices for people with disabilities. This project provides an opportunity to demonstrate that we can all be givers - we are limited only by our attitudes.

- Cindy Wiemold, Site Director

Genesis Development