Gingerbread receives gambling funds for toys in children's room

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Buena Vista County Community Foundation has awarded $47,616 to community projects in Buena Vista County in 2006. The foundation is funded through Department of Revenue and made possible through the state's effort to promote philanthropy in the County Endowment Fund legislation passed in 2004.

This bill provides that, beginning in the year 2005, 1 percent of the state's gambling revenues will be deposited and distributed through Qualified Community Foundations or Community Affiliations that address countywide needs.

Gingerbread House Child Development Center received a grant of $988.43 to purchase toddler room equipment for children ages 1-2. This equipment will help us to improve our Quality Rating System which is passed down through the State of Iowa Department of Education. In the toddler room there is a need to provide centers for children. Providing these centers will allow children to make choices and learn through hands on experiences provided by our educated staff.

The purpose of the County Endowment Fund is not just to mechanism to distribute gambling proceeds to counties that do not currently receive many other dollars. It is intended to encourage the formation of Qualified Community Foundations if Affiliates, which serve a broader and longer-term purpose than just being a conduit for gambling proceeds. Individuals wishing to donate fund to their favorite non-profit organization in Buena Vista County may do so through the Foundation tagging the fund for the particular organization may then request their funding for the Foundation as needed. Grant applications will be available in Feb. for the first round grant funding for 2007. For information call, Willis Strawn 732-3848

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