Schroeder's View

Monday, January 29, 2007

Aging Gracefully

I have many questions about this age thing and am not sure just where to turn?

I was under the impression that once you hit a certain age you shouldn't have to worry about large red mountains appearing on your chin or forehead. I thought that pimples were for teens or early adulthood, not for those of us that had hit puberty years and years ago... physically anyway!

Why is it that we haven't a choice in where this shrinkage thing goes? Why must we shrink in height and not in those parts of our bodies that have expanded out of our control?

Where do these jowls come from that once were barely visible. All of the sudden I have this skin that droops from my cheeks. I look in the mirror and wonder if there won't be some whiskers appearing from my face since I remind myself of a bull dog with droopy cheeks.

Why must we worry about the effects of gravity when we get older? If we are getting closer to the ground because we are shrinking then why must we worry about portions of our bodies sagging so greatly? It boggles the mind.

Remembering certain things gets to be chore once in awhile...umm I forgot what I was going to say?

All of us have some instances where we have practiced selective hearing at one time or another but at what age do we decide that it isn't selective - just that we can't hear?

One positive that I have found is that my skin is losing its elasticity. Why would this be such a positive thing?

Because I used to love to sit with the elderly at the retirement homes and hold their hands because they were so soft. I find myself rubbing my fingers together in amazement at how soft and supple they are getting without the regular use of hand lotions. Or if you lose your bifocals and mistakenly purchase shower gel instead - hey it works just as good as a substitute for lotion as long as you don't mind the slight stickiness.

I am wondering if my new-found patience is a virtue of aging? I allow my children and grandchildren to prance about hoopin' and hollerin' in a way that earlier in my adulthood I would have banned (could be because my hearing isn't as sharp). I find myself calling others honey; something that I hear elderly people doing. I tend to enjoy quiet walks and drives throughout the countryside instead of partying. I of course have a cat that sits for hours on my lap as I sometimes find myself flipping the channel and pausing to catch a glimpse of Lawrence Welk - yes I said Lawrence Welk. Not that I really enjoy the music much but perhaps trying to recall if I had caught that episode while visiting my grandma.

I know that it is inevitable that I will be a member of the AARP and that there will be some effects on my being that I could do without, but all in all I don't really mind getting older. There are perks, after all - I have threatened my kids about taking care of me when I get to be quite elderly and I may just follow through on that one!