A Dream Come True

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bailey makes her wish, and becomes a Disney princess

Bailey White is a lucky little girl. She made a wish, and thanks to her doctors and nurses, and the Make A Wish Foundation, the wish came true.

Bailey suffers from Immune Deficiency. Basically, she's not able to fight off infections on her own. She must receive (IVIG) Gamma globulin therapy every three weeks. The treatment takes about two and a half hours with the globulin injected directly into Bailey's veins. A home health care nurse from a critical care unit comes to their home to perform the treatment.

Bailey's mother, Kari Hogrefe, was surprised when they were notified that Bailey's wish had been granted. In order to be considered for a 'wish come true', Bailey had to have been nominated by her nurse, and her doctor had to give his approval.

Their trip took place in December, and the entire family agreed that they were busy every minute of every day. They traveled by plane where Bailey was given special treatment by sitting in the cockpit, having her name spoken over the intercom and rode in first class. When they arrived in Orlando, they stayed in "Give Kids the World" living quarters, a two bedroom villa where all their meals were furnished by the Foundation.

The fun-filled seven days included trips to the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Universal, Sea World, Animal Kingdom, the John F. Kennedy Space Center, MGM, Cocoa Beach and Gator Land. Bailey's favorite was Sea World.

The special treatment continued at Sea World, when she got a behind the scenes moment with performers.

After returning to the villa every evening, Bailey would attend parties given every night. Christmas took place every Thursday night. She and many other special needs children enjoyed each others' company and visited about their adventures of the day.

"The trip makes you glad you have the kids you've got," said Kari.

Many children have terminal illnesses and may not ever have a chance to return to Disney World again.

Bailey's autograph books tells it all. She's got autographs from the Cat in the Hat, Spider Man, Mary Poppins, Goofy, Curious George, Woody Woodpecker and Sponge Bob, although Sponge couldn't write, he had a stamp which he had to use, otherwise he'd soak up all the ink.

Maja's favorite ride was the log ride, but she verbally chided her dad for closing his eyes the whole time. And she didn't like the Spider Man adventure at Universal. But the rest of the trip was fantastic.

In all, the trip is one the entire family will not forget. Each has their favorite event or place. It was a wonderful adventure for a special little 4th grader.

"I'm kind of glad I'm home," said Bailey.

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