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Monday, December 4, 2006

Letters to the editor

The proud BV women

To the Editor,

I'm proud to be a woman in Buena Vista County. We have a legacy of strong women in important roles helping shape our future. As we know, Mary Lou Freeman served our country well in the senate and as a representative, leaving her mark on important legislation including investments in our environment that will leave this county better for generations to come. Lorna Burnside has served Buena Vista County as s supervisor for close to 20 years struggling with growing needs and shrinking resources to cover them. Shari O'Bannon is our County Recorder making smooth the trails of important documents. Kathy Bach, our County Treasurer, easily distributes millions of dollars a year with accuracy. Karen Strawn, County Auditor, oversees many aspects of local government and sees that our elections are always above reproach. Patti Moore spent years learning city business from the inside out and now serves Storm Lake as City Administrator. Sarah Huddleston fights daily battles to care for those overwhelmed with life struggles and still finds time to serve on the city council. We have countless women serving on boards, advisory groups, and serving this community in numerous ways. The list of service minded women here goes on and on. Cate Logan will be one of those.

Cate has chosen to step up and ask for your vote on December 12th as our state representative. It is important we continue to develop the next generation of strong women desiring to help Iowa grow. Cate is young, intelligent and thoughtful beyond her years. She wants to serve us in Des Moines with the zest for approaching every new issue with complete belief study and compromise will find an acceptable answer for each necessary piece of legislation. I want a can-do person representing me. Cate is that person. Optimism is sometimes laughed at by the battle weary; they have problems seeing new approaches that will be obvious to Cate. I applaud her enthusiasm... She'll be one of the women we'll later look back on and count among those that served us well.

- Sue Morrow, Storm Lake