Schroeder's View

Monday, December 4, 2006

It's a Party

My memory fails me as far as how many and who's slumber parties I attended in my younger days. I know that there had to be few, but perhaps that they weren't eventful enough for me to recall.

Recently I hosted one of those overnight events with a few of my family members. Oh we laughed, played, danced and watched movies. It was if I was revisiting my youth... I think (if only I could remember it.)

Our menu consisted of tacos, apple juice, cookies and plenty of fruit snacks. A feast of all feasts. We entertained ourselves by enjoying tea parties, my guests also pretended that they were waitresses and served up some tasty morsels. We nibbled on pickles, hamburgers, cookies, bananas, avacodos, lemons and limes. For some reason our bellies didn't fill as one would think, maybe because our menu items were made of plastic.

My guests jumped about, did summer- saults, performed small dance routines with the grace of ballerinas. You would have thought that they were performing for kings and queens with the intensity and thought that went into their moves.

We ended the evening by watching a movie. I strategically placed a wide enough comforter on the floor and a large body pillow so that there would be no arguing about position while they sprawled out to watch the movie. My plan failed, there were a few complaints once they began to wear down. About half way through "Bear in The Big Blue House" my three guests zonked out.

If you haven't guessed already my guests were younger than I... doesn't take much to get younger than me though. I partied hardy with three girls ages five, three and two. It was a blast!

Where they get their energy is beyond me, but I think that I kept up quite well. There were a few spats, as there are any time you get a few females together for any length of time. One fell asleep at 9:45 pm, the next zonked out at 10 pm. the oldest visited the sandman about 10:30. Finally peace and quiet. Well until about midnight anyway.

The three year old started crying. Although she remained asleep, I scooped her up and laid her on the couch with me, forgetting that this girl was a kickboxer in her previous life. Yep, a few bruises and maybe about two hours of sleep for me throughout the whole night has wizened me a bit. Next time the parents can sleep out in the living room and I will go to bed!

I watched as they intermittently awoke. All of the sudden the two year old popped her head up and joyously greeted me with a quiet "Hi, good morning." She is such a happy camper when she wakes up. Not long after, the other two were awake and we started the party right where we had left off!

I would have traded not one of those precious moments even though I came out of it battered and bruised. How fun to be able to play and be a part of those ever special memories with my granddaughters. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if the youngest granddaughter could have attended and my husband would have been home to HELP!