Glawe's Outlook

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

First snow and old memories

Well, the snow has returned - it makes me wish I was one of those snowbirds and could head out for somewhere warm for the duration of the winter months.

Earlier this week, when the weather was out-of-the-ordinary warm for November, I told my husband I was a little concerned by it, that perhaps we are experiencing these changed conditions due to global warming. And when we awoke Friday to snow - so typical of November - and complained, my husband reminded me of how alarmed I was earlier in the week.

Okay. So, maybe the global warming thing isn't such a bad idea if it will keep us away from the snow!

I wasn't prepared, as I should have been, and couldn't locate my winter coat or gloves so bounced out of the house with my thin coat bearing one of my favorite cartoon characters. Shame on me. If I were not the mom and were one of my kids, I would have yelled at such a ridiculous idea of wearing that coat.

I used to love the first snowfall that turned the landscape white; now all I see is green! Yes, green. It means Christmas is near and that means sharing all of my hard-earned money with the stores on junk that my kids really don't need.

How I miss those days when they were satisfied with a couple Barbie dolls, stuffed animals and new underwear.

The lists of nearly four teenagers has changed dramatically. Electronics and more electronics.

When I was a teenager, the closest thing I ever received to an electronic gift, was an electric shaver. Whoop-de-doo. I didn't think it was a cool gift back then, and I still don't! My, things are different these days.

I used to like snow, too. With teenage drivers in the house, I now have to worry about them on the road and hope other drivers beware of them.

I was out driving, real slow, on Friday morning. I thought I would see many kids out playing in the snow but only came across three brothers a block from our office. They were making their first snowman of the season. Before long, they were bombing each other with snowballs.

That brought back old, very old, memories of a winter recess when the girls and the boys in my class collaborated to make one super snowfort, with several rooms, instead of separate snowforts. Before the "construction" was done, the boys turned on us and converted one of the rooms into a "torture chamber" which consisted of two large snowballs sitting close to each other but enough distance apart to allow them to squeeze most any of the girls between the space. The joke was on them when we told the teacher what they were doing and the torture chamber had to be destroyed.

I hope if you don't enjoy the snow, like me, you can at least find pleasure in seeing others enjoying it and also uncover some of your own happy memories dealing with snow.

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