Readers Respond

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Letters to the Pilot

What do you want after election day?

To the Editor:

The Dow is reaching new heights, more people are working than ever before, unemployment has hit levels lower than at any time during the 1990's, inflation is low, wages are increasing faster than inflation, the price of gasoline has fallen dramatically, there have been no new terrorist attacks in this country since 9/11 and revenue has been coming into the state and national treasuries far above predictions.

The Democrats reply to this good news is elect us and we will impeach President Bush, raise your taxes, ban ownership of handguns, allow homosexuals and lesbians to marry, stop legislation that will make it more difficult or impossible for non citizens to vote, cut and run in Iraq and let Iran, with its nuclear weapons, rule the Middle East and charge whatever they want for oil, use your tax dollars to harvest human embryos to use experiments that so far show absolutely no promise of ever finding any cure for disease and we will fix Social Security by raising taxes on your Social Security benefits again like we did during the Clinton presidency.

If this is what the public wants, all they have to do is vote Democrat or stay home and don't vote on Nov. 7

- Russell Eddie, Storm Lake

On the casino vote

To the Editor:

From my position it is regretful that the Times has come out in their editorial against the vote for gambling - because we do not have a plan nor operator. The Times editorial writer just does not function in the real world.

Which comes first? Situations change, there are communities that already have applications on file in Des Moines. Others, like us, are in the early planning stages, testing public acceptance and working on a development plan.

Waiting until and if the State of Iowa opens the bidding for sites, it is way too late to have an election, get organised and get in line to apply. Any community that wants to be considered had better have their act together, their public approval passed and an operating plan ready. You can be assured that if the proposal passes in B.V. County we will be courted by a number of operators to work here. Our record as one of the largest "action" communities for the ill-fated Iowa touch screen debacle will attract any number of suitors. We are a proven market. I'm confident that after the passage of this referendum there will be an effort to select a site, work with casino operators, and develop for Gaming Commission. Let B.V. have a fair, unbiased and honest election to determine what the people want.

(And for the record I am not a member of any organised group to promote the issue.)

- Bill Lanphere, Storm Lake

Thanks to Community Chest

To the editor:

We would like to thank the Community Chest Board and all the contributors for the generous donation we received for the Diabetes Education Department at Buena Vista Regional Medical Center. This donation is greatly needed to allow those without the necessary funds to receive the proper education, care, and supplies they need to help manage their diabetes for their optimal health. We appreciate this help on behalf of our patients very much. Thank you.

- The BVRMC Diabetes Education Department, with Kay Jipp, Carol Lenhart and Pat Ratcliffe

Benefits of voting 'yes' for casino

To the editor:

I believe that many people do not completely understand the benefits that could result should the county residents Vote Yes on Iowa gaming in Buena Vista County, Iowa.

The Iowa Gaming Association has a web site which offers numerous factual bits of information as prepared by Peter D. Hart Research Associates, Inc., an independent consulting firm which does research on gaming for the State of Iowa. Some of the facts that should be known are as follows:

1. (Casinos) purchase more that $182 million of products and services from the Iowa-based businesses through the Buy Iowa First Program.

2. More than 83% of the total expenditure by casinos on products, supplies and services went to Iowa based vendors.

3. (Casinos) pay more than $288 million in local, county and state taxes every year.

4. State tax revenue funds a variety of significant projects, including the renovation and building of Iowa's capitol Complex, school infrastructure and teacher salaries, Vision Iowa, historic preservation, state and county fairs, school and university improvements and numerous environmental programs.

5. Employ over 9,400 people, with an annual payroll of more than $263 million.

6. Add value to our state's growing tourism and entertainment industries with exceptional convention and hotel facilities, hosting more than 19.6 million visitors each year.

7. Support Iowa's agricultural industry by purchasing millions of pounds of beef, chicken and turkey, thousand of gallons of milk and several million eggs.

One can easily see the impact gaming has on economic development and tourism in the State of Iowa.

All things considered, when community leaders weigh all the positive and negative aspects associated with casinos, a large majority conclude that the preponderance of evidence confirms their state and community's decision to permit casino gaming. Taking everything into consideration, community leaders are six times more likely to say that casinos' net impact on their community has been positive (79 percent) rather than negative (13 percent). Perhaps most pointedly, given the chance to go back in time with the benefit of hindsight, three quarters say they would vote to allow casinos in their community if the decision were up to them.

- Jean Berg, Storm Lake