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Lt. Governor stumps for Culver in SL, Mauro brings Sec. of State campaign

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

With just days remaining in the general election campaigns before November 7, politicians have been combing the state trying to get their name out as well as to thank supporters. Lt. Governor Sally Pederson and Democratic candidate for Secretary of State Michael Mauro joined supporters at Lakeshore Cafe for lunch.

"This election is an incredible event and people will have a chance to keep the clear vision for Iowa," Pederson said in a Pilot-Tribune interview. "Governor (Tom) Vilsack and I have worked to create job opportunities, health coverage expansion and other programs that Chet Culver and Patty Judge will be able to continue within that vision."

Peterson is not sure about what will be next for her after leaving her office.

"Nothing is set yet but I believe that I'll still be working in a public office somewhere," Peterson said. "I will always remember the great people I have worked with and met while in office. I am proud and honored to have served the state of Iowa and will never forget my experiences."

Peterson has been working across the state helping many Democrat candidates; she is currently the chair of the state Democratic party. She was not able to stay at the lunch long due to other commitments, but she was able to talk with many Democrat supporters.

"I am here to say thank you for all your support," Peterson said in the meeting. "When Vilsack and I started eight years ago the Republicans had 45,000 more registered voters then the Democrats, today we can proudly claim that there are 14,000 more registered voters for the Democrats than the Republicans."

Mauro has been the auditor for Polk County and has been a part of the electoral process since 1983. Mauro feels that people should know that their votes are safe.

"For over two decades, I have administered elections in Iowa's largest county, Mauro said.

"I want to take my experience, passion and vision to the Secretary of State's office. To some people, they try for governor and don't make and settle for Secretary of State but I want people that I want this office and that I will do the best job possible."

Having worked with elections believes that voting should be held so that everyone has access no matter how informed the voter is.

"It is our right to be able to vote and even though we would like to have everyone well informed as much possible that is not always going to happen," Mauro explained. "Now some people are wanting to have voting cards, and I don't disagree with the idea but it has to be free to all voters. Some voters living in nursing homes and other faculties and would not be able to afford the voting card or being able to into their place of voting. I will agree to the voting cards if it does not cost the voter anything."

With many of the votes now talking place to on electronic touch screens, Mauro does not see people trying to cheat the vote being the major issue this election.

"I think that with all the new equipment this year, we are going to see a lot of problems with glitches and problems with the technology that will have to be worked through," Mauro said.

For over the last year, Mauro has been traveling the state and getting to know people of Iowa.

"I have been traveling across Iowa and I have learned three things," Mauro said. "First Iowa is big, Iowa is very beautiful and final and I truly mean this, Iowa has some of the nicest people you'll ever meet."

Mauro does admit there is a challenge of running for Secretary of State.

"There are not of people who know who I am and there is a battle for name recogninition," Mauro said. "My competitor is probably having trouble because she didn't win an election but was appointed. And for a lot of people don't even know what the Secretary of State does."

Mauro has been receiving a lot of support from people on all sides of the political spectrum.

"I have worked with legislators and other forms of government and have been well respected," Mauro said in a Pilot-Tribune interview. "I have Republicans who are supporting me as well as Democrats. I have had a lot of support from everyday voters as well. I will be honored to serve the state of Iowa."

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