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SL's Kenny Hansen wants to help fund development

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Kenny Hansen, Storm Lake, has made an investment in Alta and would like to see people benefit from it - but he is having trouble convincing the city leaders what a good deal he has in store for them.

Hansen purchased 37 acres of land last October east of the Alta Golf Course. Realizing the housing shortage in the community, he said he would like to see the land developed for new housing. He has made contacts several times with the city council members but has not received a definite answer from them, which he feels is keeping the progress from going on.

"I'll work with you whereever you want," he told the council Monday at their regular meeting. "It's all up to the city."

He is asking for the city to provide utilities and sewer lines. "I'll furnish the land and the paving. I've been working on this since last October and I'd like to see something develop a little bit sooner rather than later."

Hansen said there is a great expense to him, as well, but he is willing to reach deep into his pockets.

Mayor Tom French encouraged the council to make a decision on whether Hansen's needs could be met.

"This is encouraging and we need the properties to build on. He is willing to develop it but needs answers."

No plotting or stakes have been done yet.

"There's no use spending all that money unless I get an answer," Hansen said. He has had personnel at Kuehl & Payer involved. Aerial photos of the land have been taken and were provided to the council some time ago.

Tom Konradi, code enforcement officer, stressed that there are specific subdivision regulations that must be followed regarding lot sizes, hook-ups, etc. He added that in his opinion, he would like to see how the land was going to be developed before a definite answer is given.

Mayor French said it is important to first see if the council and the Municipal Utilities would furnish the utilities. "If not, this is all immaterial."

Council member Bruce Friedrich said that the sewer line would be a major obstacle.

Streets superintendent Brad Pedersen echoed his comments saying if a sewer line were to be installed in the area, a lift would need to be installed at a cost of about $180,000 and the line would need to stretch from the golf course area to the ballfields which is an incredible distance.

Hansen left the meeting without an answer but before adjourning their meeting, the council said they would meet again on Monday to discuss the issue further.

Hansen told the council before he left that he has a project in mind but if he doesn't get approval from the city, he may have to take it to another community, "but I'd rather be in Alta," he said.

Hansen has land in the Storm Lake and Spencer areas which he will begin working on if the Alta Council doesn't want to move forward with him; the land will continue to be farmed. Turnquist Farms are currently farming the area.

"I'm just trying to help the town," the would-be developer said.

Other issues discussed at the meeting included:

* The naming of two library board members - Gi Gi Nelson and Craig Cummins

* Parking and traffic at Cone Auctions was discussed. A roll-out stop sign may be placed on Main Street during the auctions to alleviate some of the problem.

* The city hall will host an open house during the holiday events in the community to show off the renovations. "I want to thank everyone," Mayor French said. "It looks wonderful in here and it was a lot of extra work and a chaotic time for everyone here."

* The council has sent in a grant application, requesting $246,400 to be used for home improvements for persons who qualify. Several homes could be brought up to standards with these funds. The city would be responsible for coming up with $2,200 for each unit renovations are made on.

The city has participated in this program in the past and it was very well received.

It will take several weeks before the city learns if they qualified for this grant.

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