Glawe's World

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Finding the right place

When I began working at the Pilot Tribune nearly three years ago, it didn't take me long to find the right place to park.

I realized if I parked on the end spot across the street from the building, I could back out and around onto Michigan and take a short drive up to Milwaukee, allowing me to bypass the stop lights on Lake. (Opps! Sorry Chief Prosser if I'm breaking the law!)

I claimed that spot for a long time - until a new employee came on board and didn't see my invisible, "Reserved for Lorri" sign and started claiming the spot for himself. I didn't say anything about it but truly miss the spot. He doesn't always park there now but the renters of one of the apartments on that side of the street often parks there and I've thought though I made a claim on that spot I am probably invading the renter's space by being there. I'll give it up - I guess - if I have to - and find another right spot.

Most families have made a claim on their church pew. When I began taking my kids to church, they ranged in age 2 years to 6 years. Rather than claiming a seat in the back, where many of the families with small, disruptive children sit, we went right up in front and we've been there for 10 years.

I'm not sure why we went to the front - maybe so I could show off how cute my kids were. Thinking back, nothing stands out in my mind that put them in the "disruptive category" and they must have been ok or the elder members of the church sitting around us would have let us know that we didn't belong. Instead, many of them shared stories with me - "I remember when our kids were that age and..."

Many of those same people still sit near us and still don't complain even though my little 6 year old has grown to be 6'4" and the other three tower over me.

I have asked those people if they want us to move to the back NOW and they have said no and have shared such positive comments as, "We've enjoyed watching your children grow."

I'll continue to claim that spot even after my kids leave home.

This experience has made me realize we have always been in the right place at church.

Here's to you finding your right places in life.