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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Denison nurse hopes to pull plug on King career

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The four candidates running for the congressional seat in the 5th District. Brodersen, a native of Denison currently working as nurse, feels that incumbent Steve King has failed as representative.

Brodersen had a niece that was on the Gaza Strip who was killed as she took a stand against bulldozers plowing down houses.

"My family has been working on this we are now dealing with the top levels of government and we have been to our representatives for support and King said he would support us," Brodersen explained in a Pilot-Tribune interview. The promise proved to be an empty one, she said.

Brodersen had a letter from the State Department that stated that the Israeli investigation wasn't proper. The Department of Justice said the only way to be able to conduct an investigation is to have the issue classified as a terrorist attack and it isn't know if congress would be willing to do so.

"King seems to be closed minded as are a lot of people on the issue," Brodersen explained.

Brodersen said she felt compelled to run because she does not believe that King is representing everyone fully.

"He host these forums but only seems to invite certain people," Brodersen said. "He hosted a barbecue once to discuss immigration but there were some people like a Hispanic teacher who were not invited. And who paid for the meal? I'm for tax dollars being spent for open session but not for a private party."

Brodersen is admittedly running a modest, 11th hour campaign, against King's $400,000, Roy Nielsen's $100,000 and Joyce Schulte's unknown budget.

"Coming up people will see King's shiny signs and everyone will receive a brochure from him and my guest is that it will be on immigration," Brodersen said. "I have had people offer to donate money but I did not accept them, I want to win with my quiet campaign."

Farming and the environment are also among her concerns.

Farmers are using more and more marginal land for production, taking out sloughs and trees that made the region beautiful, she said. "I understand having to make a living but farmers don't have to be raking in millions of dollars to live either. I will work hard to represent the farmers and get what they deserve but I also want to work with them to restore some of the environment."

Brodersen has three children who are currently in college and she has concerns about the cost of of education and the rising levels of debt students are coming out with.

"We need to work on getting the cost down, kids are now leaving school $30,000 to $70,000 debt and counselors in schools are recommend that people join the military to pay for college," Brodersen said. "It needs to be to point that there is a choice of military or college."

Brodersen also believes that the No Child Left Behind Act of President George W. Bush has problems because of lack of funding to it.

"Teachers should be asked what would help them," Brodersen explained. "There are students who just are not interested in being in school and instead of teachers being able to reach out to them, the teacher has to fill out paperwork."

Brodersen also feels that some voters are getting tired of political infighting.

"I know Iowa is a conservative state but I think it's a different conservative, the colors of religion are not worn on the sleeves," Brodersen said. "I'm not naive, I know that I may not win but I'm optimistic."

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