Law Enforcement Center project off to good start

Thursday, September 28, 2006

John Hansen of Midwest Construction Consultants visited the Buena Vista County Board of Supervisors to update them on the Law Enforcement Center project. Hansen was pleased with the project's progress and informed the board that the project has been passing the required inspections so far with only minor changes.

The soil conditions have proven good for the project, and a majority of the foundation has been laid and poured. All of the plumbing and drainage was done and the start of the wiring is in place.

Building a jail facility is not a simple task.

"We have about 120 specification reports to go through just for the precasting," Hansen said in the meeting. "We have to make sure everything is up to standard for the building."

The precasting pieces for the walls should be arriving in mid October to early November.

Architect Roddy Moore was on hand to inform the board about some minor changes.

The adjustments are required by the International Builder's code (IBC) 2003.

"One of the new requirements is that with swing door that goes out into the aisles can only take up half of the corridor," Moore said. "Well, the Mezzanine level has four feet and the door swings out two feet seven inches so we will have to expand the corridor seven more inches."

Hansen and Moore both agreed that the adjustments should not be a problem. Chairman Bill Lanphere questioned if sliding doors would be better, but Moore stated that he did not like sliding doors and Hansen said it would cost more to get and to maintain.

Lanphere also signed previously passed change orders for the project so that Hansen could get the requirements to the contractors.

In other Board of Supervisors news, the board came to a consensus about delaying the project of expanding C-65 until 2008. They also hope that it will give them time to work on the design for the new intersection with Highway 110 by the Storm Lake Airport.

"The Department of Transportation has asked us to take the lead and it will take some time to get everything set up but it will be easier to do it all at once," Lanphere said.

Board member Jim Gustafson believes that if they are interested in getting the bike trail built, they may need to stop refering to it as a bike trail.

"Let's call this thing a 'safety strip' and have the County Engineer start looking for grants to help cover the cost," Gustafson said.

The board will continue to look at more possibilities to help cover the cost of widening the roadway of C-65.

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