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Storm damages AWAYSIS site

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

High winds shift lodge frame; a wild ride for dredge crew

The storms from Saturday night took a toll on the Project AWAYSIS lodge building site, and brought construction to a halt on Monday, city project director Mike Wilson told members of the city council last evening. The storms caused the lodge hotel's framework to shift, he said.

"I am here to say that the wind caused the frame shift, and that the rumors of the foundation sinking causing the frame to shift are false," Wilson said.

No solutions or cost estimate to repair the site have been determined yet.

The shifting was uneven across the hotel, which impacts both exterior and interior walls. The framing supervisor visited the site Monday to survey damage. According to Wilson, a representative of the city's insurance provider will be on site today.

"There was new bracing added in for protection. I was in the building for an hour and a half and never felt my safety in jeopardy, but they added it just in case," Wilson said.

Once all parties have discussed the situation and potential options to repair the damage, the city will make an announcement.

"We have multiple parties involved with the decision," Wilson said. "We have to be satisfied, the insurance company has to be satisfied, the contractor has to be satisfied and the framing supervisor has to be satisfied. So anything about a solution or cost would be purely speculation at this point."

Wilson also retold accounts he had heard about the storm around the AWAYSIS project.

"I heard that the dredging crew were out on the lake during the storm and they had waves that was taller then the dredge," Wilson said. "Also if you go around the parks in the area you will see some tree damage, so the area was hit hard by the winds."

Wilson also proposed Monday that the council adopt a resolution to make changes to the project outside of the framing damage.

One of the major saving was a deduction of $62,700 for lowering the walls of the indoor aquatics center.

"The west end will still be at 29 feet and the east end will be at about 46 feet and I think it will still give it that wow factor," Wilson said in the council meeting on Monday night.

Council member Denny Vaudt expresses concern about air quality in making the area smaller and Wilson eased the concern with saying the smaller space will give them better control of the heat, humidity and other areas of concern.

"Our original intent was and still is to make the place to seem better than what anyone would expect," Wilson said.

Other deductions included changing the aquatic center's windows from fiberglass to aluminum, for $5,700. The guest balconies have also changed from iron to a composite material for $21,000.

"The only concern that we have now is that the balcony siding and floor are cedar and the railings are composite and the weather factor is not known yet so we may change it again to cedar railings," Wilson said the council.

Vaudt wondered if the decks could be changed to the composite material but Wilson said it was too late.

"If we have to change it again then we will go to cedar railings which will save us more," Wilson added.

Vaudt worried about possible safety issues and Wilson and Mayor Jon Kruse agreed that the railings could be made and still be safe.

Another change was the amount of sheet rock used on guest rooms and it was found out that it required only one layer of sheet rock for soundproofing instead of the originally planed two layers, for a deduction of $13,800. The final deduction comes from changing the foundation block from eight inch blocks to 16 inch blocks, for $2,400.

But with deductions there were a few additions to the cost as well. There were some changes in the electric work at various lotions that added $6,290. Also some wood trim was added for the cost of $2,900.

"We originally took it out but we decided to add back in because it would affect our rating with AAA," Wilson said, addressing the council.

The final addition, of $7,993 is for the addition of foundation anchors for the southwest corner of the foundation.

A total deduct for the project is a savings of $88,417 for this proposed change order. Wilson also stated that some more change orders will come to help save funds. The council agreed to the resolution.

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