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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Police seek identity of KKK promoters

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Brutally racist games featured

Storm Lake Police are still investigating an incident in which supposed members of the Ku Klux Klan were handing out promotional information in Storm Lake retail parking lots last week.

"We still don't know for certain who these people are. We are trying to identify them - that is our first mission - but we have not been able to put all the facts together yet," said Police Captain Todd Erskine Monday.

The messages being handed out included a rudely-drawn image of a man in a white robe and hood, pointing.

"The KKK wants you," it reads. "Join today... and win back your rights that have been given to others in the name of political correctness. We are fighting to preserve the existence of our race and a future for our White children."

It concludes, "What have you done for your race and faith today?"

Erskine said the police department has no comment on the message being promoted.

It is legal to hand out such information on business property, he confirmed.

"We don't have the authority to make someone leave a business' property unless the owner of that property tells us the people are not wanted there," Erskine said.

The police captain said that he hopes that if the actions continue, the public will not respond inappropriately.

A member at the Hy-Vee store staff working the night KKK information was handed out said that the people did not ask for permission to be on the property, or to hand out the papers and place them on windshields of vehicles in the lot. They left shortly before police arrived and did not pose a threat.

"I just don't care for the mentality of what they are pushing," the employee said.

The supposed KKK members were promoting the Brotherhood of Klans, one of three associations loosely representing Klan groups, and including a handwritten e-mail address.

The website for the organization, based in Henderson,Tenn., says that the group is a legal, law-abiding one. It shows the signature burning crosses and a Klansman in mask and cape holding a white cross on its homepage.

Elsewhere on the site are cartoon video games - one in which a Mexican mother and small children can be shot to death in graphic detail as they attempt to cross the border, for points. The KKK site terms them "wetbacks."

In another, the player scores by being a suicide bomber and killing as many people as possible on the street, including children. In another, the player is to shoot gays with a shotgun to prevent them from forcible sodomy to the player's character. Another is called "African Detroit Cop" and allows the player as an African American character with actor Eddie Murphy's face to choose between speaking or shooting the people encountered on a city street, including a man begging for food.

The website prominently urges a "declaration of war" against illegal Mexican immigration. "Our Government won't stop them so we will...We are recruiting now for white men and women to stand up and fight for our country and our race...The racial war is among us, will you fight with us for the future of our race and for our children? Or will you sit on your ass and do nothing?"

According to the organization's Imperial Wizard, Dale Fox, the Brotherhood of Klans was founded in 1996 based on the original goals of the post-Civil War Klan, but is working on behalf of white civil rights challenges of today.

The site lists one Klavern or subgroup based in Iowa, working out of a post office box address in Nevada. Klan activity has also been reported in the Wall Lake region. Charles City man Douglas Sadler late last year tried to organize a KKK rally to protest attempts to legalize same-sex marriages in Iowa.

Storm Lake Police want to know who is behind bringing the message to Storm Lake. "We are still looking into it," said Erskine.

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