Wind power

Thursday, April 19, 2001

When operational, the Top of Iowa Wind Farm located in Worth County will generate enough electrical power for approximately 40,000 homes. Alliant Energy has purchased the power that will be produced by the wind farm.

Iowa wind farming will certainly make valuable contributions to maintaining cleaner air and a cleaner environment. Iowa is one of the leading wind energy producing states in the country. The state ranks tenth in the nation for wind energy potential, but is currently third in terms of installed wind capacity. The Top of Iowa Wind Farm joins three other wind power projects ready to go online in Iowa this year. There are 20 wind facilities currently online in Iowa including the one in Buena Vista County.

Iowa's wind farms already pay more than $640,000 per year to landowners.

Is it a wise investment? Instead of being held captive by the prevailing winds of foreign affairs in the Middle East, consumers need access to domestic, pollution-free sources of energy. Iowa and the Midwest may soon be the Saudi Arabia of wind energy.

This year, I introduced the Bipartisan Renewable, Efficient Energy with Zero Effluent (BREEZE) Act to extend the wind energy production tax credit until 2007. The current tax credit is set to expire on Jan. 1, 2002.

Since the inception of the wind energy production tax credit in 1993, more than 1,128 megawatts of generating capacity have been put online across the country. This generating capacity powers nearly 300,000 homes, or 750,000 people.

Chuck Grassley,

U.S. Senator