LETTER TO THE EDITOR - A smart and sober prom

Thursday, April 19, 2001

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration reports that in the United States in 1999, one person every 33 minutes was killed in an alcohol-related crash. There were 490 traffic deaths reported in Iowa in 1999; 160 of those were alcohol-related.

During the typical weekend, an average of one teenager dies each hour in a car crash and almost half of those involved alcohol. In 1998 (the latest "youth" statistics available) 1,695 young people age 15 through 19 were killed in alcohol-related crashes in the U.S.

That's too many people and too many young people!

Parents! Don't let your kids drink - next weekend or any weekend! Don't let them drink and drive! Help them learn to celebrate smart and sober. Make the 2001 prom a night you and they will always remember happily, not an anniversary you will always have to remember with a trip to the cemetery.

Denise Betts

Prom advisor

Storm Lake