LETTER TO THE EDITOR - The cygnets and the kids

Thursday, April 19, 2001

The third graders wish to thank the Buena Vista University's environmental club, Students Concerned About Tomorrow's Environment (SCATE), for donating the money to sponsor their adoption. The fifth graders wish to thank an anonymous couple for their adoption.

Later this month the third graders plan to release their cygnet somewhere in Buena Vista County. We also appreciate Mark Kirkholm and Chris Lloyd for their continued support of the Buena Vista County Swan Restoration Project.

During the months of April and May, the Newell-Fonda third graders are collecting pennies to donate to the swan's care. We are calling this end of year activity "2001 Nature Project."

Third graders,

fifth graders and

their teachers,

Newell-Fonda schools

Editor's note: SCATE and the anonymous couple donated funds to adopt swans to help make up for the bird that the students had originally adopted, which was killed by vandals.