Readers Respond

Monday, July 31, 2006

Letters to the Pilot

Gingerbread worries

To the Editor:

I am responding to the article that was in the paper a couple of weeks ago about "Mom's Running Gingerbread house". My response is so what! Past administration were moms and dads, and many of the twenty some employees that have left Gingerbread in the past two months are parents. Betty Ohlund had children there 27 years ago. So because they are "moms" is this going to dismiss what has been happening the past couple of months and make things go in the right direction?

I believe their children were attending Gingerbread before they accepted these positions, so now that they are administration this needs to be pointed out?

My question to the community is, if this is such a great and better place now then where are the board members' children? Do they attend Gingerbread? How do you sit on a board, talk about how great the place is, but yet it isn't good enough to send your own children there?

Actions speaker louder than words, and you are sending a huge message to the public if board members can't have their own children attend the Gingerbread daycare.

- Kathy Harder, Storm Lake

To the Editor:

My son and I have some great concerns about the daycare center in Storm Lake. We have friends that worked there and their children also attended daycare. We have recently visited with our friends and found out she had been fired from the Gingerbread House where she had worked for six years. Her husband was also told he was not needed and he would be on the sub list. A sub list in which he would never be called back to work.

A couple weeks later they were told by the Storm Lake police department, they and their children were banned from daycare and could no longer attend, and that they would be charged for harassment and trespassing if they were to come on the premises again.

How sad that in a community of Storm Lake size, where there is only one daycare center, they must ban children. How do you explain to a three year-old, that they can't play with their friends any more or go on field trips because their mom and dad would be arrested if they go back. Is this day care center about the children?... Can they afford to ban children because their parents had a conflict with management?

Both of my friends have jobs and continue to work, however no longer at Gingerbread but still need child care for their children. How does the husband stay a substitute for the daycare, however will be arrested if he shows up to work. Where is his letter of termination?

My son asked me how come his little friend couldn't go to daycare anymore? I really didn't know how to answer him in a way he would understand, because as an adult, I don't understand a reason for children being banned from daycare. I've always thought Storm Lake was lucky to have such a great facility, but a building is just a building; I guess no one knows what goes on behind close doors.

- Ann and Sam Heckman, Storm Lake