Rumors of possible Walgreens Drug Store opening in Storm Lake are false

Thursday, July 27, 2006

There have been rumors burning the ears of many Storm Lakers as to the possibility of a Walgreens drug store coming to the area.

According to a spokeswoman of the company, Walgreens does not have any plans at this time to move into Storm Lake.

"Walgreens has been looking at multiple new locations throughout the state of Iowa that we will be able to open in the state," the spokeswoman said. "It does not mean that a Walgreens will not open in there in the future but at this time we do not have plans for your location."

Walgreens has been growing at a fast rate. According to the corporation a new store has been opened at the rate of one every 18 hours.

Walgreens currently has 55 locations throughout the state already. Plans on how far they will expand are currently unknown at this time.